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Save the least for the best.

Updated on January 1, 2010

Save the least for the best.

Save the least for the best.

Grandpa was a handsome man, six feet plus and had a well built frame though pale skin but the beauty of his youth still reflected in him besides most of us look like him and we are all good looking. It is now two months since grandma passed away, he doesn’t seem to be happy any more, always lost his appetite and his daily thirty minutes walk from home to the farm and back seems to be a problem. We all knew that he was missing grandma. Who will it be anyway?

A woman he shared eighty years with, i saw grandpa coming out from the backyard, he went to change the flowers on her grave, and he does this every morning. When he went into the living room, i carried his breakfast to him but surprisingly, he was going through an old album, i knew he must have seen the pictures in the album times without number but ever since grandma died, the album became his sole companion.

“Come! Come and see Eunice” he shouted upon sighting me
I dropped the food on the table and walked to him.
“Look, this is Eunice when she graduated from the nursing college”

He handed me over a picture, it was grandma and i have seen the picture a million times.Grandpa was smiling as he handed me few other pictures of grandma, then all of a sudden, he began coughing, i tried to help him but he fell from the chair and collapsed, Grandpa was grasping for air, i notified uncle Dick so he was rushed to the hospital. He suffered a partial stroke and was admitted in the hospital for two weeks.

We all took care of grandpa when he finally came home, we all loved him. Grandpa was very close to all of us and he was always there for us. I will choose him for my own Dad because he was a caring hard working man, who worked so hard to keep our family together.

It was a bright Saturday evening, grandpa was sitting alone in his chamber then he saw me and Irene my younger sister, he waved at us and we went to him.

“I want to tell you a story”
We always enjoy grandpa’s stories, always inspirational but today, he had a wonderful story to tell us.
“Do you know what love is”? He asked us
Yes! Grandpa
“No grandson” he said to me. “You don’t know what love is”
“Listen, let me tell you what is love. Love is Eunice and Eunice is love” he said.

We began to laugh and he joined us too. Then he began the story.

I was 13yrs when i met Eunice, she was the most beautiful woman in the world and i loved her from day one but because we were so young, i was unable to express my love to her, I lost my parents when i was 11yrs and surviving alone was a hectic task for me. There was no one to help me, i wanted to go to school so i use to work part time in the mechanic workshop to enable me pay my fees.

One day, our school cultural group went for an excursion but i was not allowed to go into the park because i didn’t pay for the excursion, i was only allowed to be part of the group and will wait in the van. Few hours later, the students were heading to the Japanese restaurant inside the park so i was called in to have some juice.

My heart was broken because i felt humiliated, why did they treat me so bad? I asked myself. It would have been better not to allow me in the group than to leave me in the van, i felt bad and the more my fellow students pitied me, the more the pains so i decided to jump and kill myself. There was a water fall in the park, it was about 800feet so i sneaked out and headed to its direction.

No one saw me crawl away, then on top the water fall, i caused the day but as i wanted to jump, someone grabbed me from behind and we both fell to the ground.

“Please do not hurt yourself the tiny voice pleaded me
“Why did you follow me” i asked

O it was Eunice, the girl i have always loved. She cleaned my body, she was crying all along. I felt pity for her and thought of what i wanted to do, and then i realized that it was a bad decision. We both promised to keep it as a secret. No one knew of this until today but i wish to share it with you Tony and Irene so you will understand what is love perhaps, when you grow up and love someone, you will know why it is good to save the least for the best.

Eunice later introduced me to her father who was a wealthier farmer and that was how i got my education. I became part of her family and we did so many things together then eventually married each other. Your grandma was love and everything about her is lovely, she was caring and thought me so many things in life.

We promised each other so many things and she did not fail to keep all her promises except one.

“Which one?” asked Irene
Grandpa continued...
She promised me that she will spend eternity with me but here i am all alone. If only time could reverse, i will choose that day in the park.
Why Grandpa? I asked.
That was the day she told me the words.
What words?
“The magic word” he replied
Eunice told me that she want to save the least for the best.

This is our secret so always remember that we both worked hard from the park to make our family a happy one.

We all began to laugh then grandpa broke our laughter.

“I can feel Eunice every day, i know she is by the corner waiting for me, i have to go to her before it is late.
“How will you go to her?” i asked him
“Will you die?” Irene chipped in
“Maybe” he replied
“No grandpa, please don’t die” we begged him.

Dad later called us to come and get set for the movie so we left grandpa.

“Bye grandpa, see you when we come back” i told him

It was the 12th of August 1987,i was 9yrs then and Irene was 6yrs. Grandpa died that same evening, he was 93yrs.I am now 34yrs, happily married with three beautiful daughters and a son, that particular day with grandpa is still like yesterday and i have realized what he meant when he said.

“Save the least for the best.”


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