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Saving Elizabeth Part 2

Updated on July 11, 2011

David could still hear the nurses talking to one another. The pain that surged through out his body was barely dulled by the Morphine. His thoughts were still hard to gather. He struggled to remember why he was here and what it was he came here for. His memory seemed at its strongest when the electricity from the paddles was flowing through him. He held his breath, trying to cause his heart to fail again. It worked.

"Doctor Gleason, he is coding again! What do you want to do?!"

The doctor turned and looked at David. The hollow stare that his eyes met made his body shudder. He could see pleading in David's eyes. What? What was this man begging him to do. He leaned in close again, this time hoping to hear something from this man. "What, David, what is it you are trying to tell me? I am listening."

The nurses looked at Dr. Gleason as if he had lost his mind. No one dared to say anything to him. Dr.Gleason was the best E.R. doctor that Albert Lea, Minnesota had seen in a very long time. Skilled in almost every area of medicine, Dr.Gleason, with his wife and daughter Elizabeth, had moved to Albert Lea two years ago. Coming from a huge city, life in this small town was far different from the non-stop, crowded living he was use to in Minneapolis. Albert Lea desperately needed him and he, it seemed, desperately needed Albert Lea.

"Shock me... please. I have to save our daughters."

Dr. Gleason stood up and looked at David, the look of both puzzle and fear was in his eyes. He leaned in next to David's ear. "How do you know I have a daughter? Who the hell are you and what are you doing so far from home?"

"I... can't, remember. Only when you shock me. Do it now if you want to save Elizabeth!"

Dr. Gleason stared into David's eyes. He didn't know why or how this man knew his Elizabeth, but he knew he needed to do exactly what David asked of him.

"Alright, let's get the paddles on this man!" Seconds before sending a burst of electricity through David's body, Dr. Gleason turned to face his nurses. "What-ever you see in this room today, stays in this room. I do not want to hear you talk about it to anyone. If I do, you will be talking about how much you made on your final paycheck here. We are to protect this man's privacy completely."

All of the nurses understood, completely. If any man had the power to see them lose their job, it was Dr. Gleason. They simply knew that he meant every word. With a nod from each nurse, he placed the paddles on David's chest.

"Clear!!!!!" David felt the shock rushing through him. He was suddenly looking down at his body again. He felt himself catapulted across the room. Curtains flew open as he passed through them. A loud crash made all in the room turn to face the sound. The mirror shattered into a million tiny shards. David stood up and walked over to Dr.Gleason. He knew he could not see him, but hoped that the Dr. could hear him.

"I am David Copeland, from Detroit. I work on a dock, lugging beef all day. Your daughter Elizabeth and my daughter, Sarah, are entertwined in an evil we must destroy. The camp they are at is for people with "special" gifts. Somehow, someone knew our daughters were special."

Dr. Gleason looked down at David as if he were hearing the words from the body that lay in front of him. He began to think to himself. "How? How do you know this? Can you hear my thoughts?"

"Yes, I hear you. You do not need to speak aloud. My wife has "special" gifts. That means she... But no, you already know what that means, don't you, Doctor?"

"My name is Mark. Yes, my wife also has gifts. She can move things with just a thought. She can hear my thoughts and my daughters thoughts. I am sure she can hear most everyones mind."

David began to move towards his body again. "Shock me again, Mark! Hurry before I re-enter my body."

"But your vitals are..."

"Shock me, damn it!!!! We don't have much time!"

Mark called out again. "Clear!!!!"

The nurses all looked at him with confusion in their eyes. One spoke out. "Doctor, his vitals look good. Why are we shocking him again?!?"

"He is going to crash if we don't do it now, Nurse! Do you have a problem following my orders!?!?"

The nurse shook her head no and stepped back away from David's body. Mark pressed the paddles to David's chest. The power raged through his body once again. Lights flickered in the room just as a gurney was pushed against the far wall of the room. The nurses looked on with fear in their eyes. Some of them moved towards the door.

"No one leaves this room until I say so! I will explain it all as soon as I know how." Mark could hear David again. "I need to know more. Is my Elizabeth safe!? Please tell me what you know!"

There was a pleading in Mark's voice, almost a begging. David could feel the Dr.'s fear and sorrow. "The camp is a hiding place for others that are gifted. The people that stay there and run the camp use our children to re-gain and supplement them selves. They draw the gifts from each child and use them for their own evil doing. That is why we received the letters for the camp. Somehow they knew our daughters were gifted. Once they drain the child, the child dies."

"Is My Elizabeth alright? Answer me, please!"

"She is still alive. They have only drawn out a small portion of her gifts. I found out about them through my wife's thoughts. I tried to save them both but they found me. They attacked me and tried to kill me. I had Elizabeth's hand in mine when they caught me. I was trying to find my Sarah. Her gifts transferred to me and I could see what the people were doing. She told me to come here and find you. In this state of barely alive, I can get in without being seen.?"

The lights in the room went dark. The only light now was coming from David's body. Mark was tossed to the other side of the room. The nurses tried to move but were unable to make their legs do anything but stand. David could feel coldness in his spirit. He saw movement in front of him.

"You seek to stop us, but you can not. We need these children to maintain our powers. If you try to save any of the children, we Will kill you. Do not come to us, in any form! This is your only warning, David Copeland. Heed our words or die."

David looked over at the apparition that had appeared in front of him. He watched as it slowly faded away. The lights came back on and the nurses could move again. Mark slowly stood and stared at David's body. "Did you hear them, David?"

"I heard, Mark. They found me because of Elizabeth. Her gifts are stronger than Sarah's. There truly is only one way to save them, now. Mark... you must kill me now. Let my spirit be free so that I can save the girls."

"I can't kill you, David. I just can not do..."

"You can and you Will if you ever want to save your daughter. Do it now, Mark... do it now!!!!!!!!!!


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