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"Say Your Sorry" by Melinda Leigh - A Personal Review

Updated on December 29, 2018
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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.

A 338 page murder mystery that will keep you turning pages up to the very end.
A 338 page murder mystery that will keep you turning pages up to the very end. | Source

A Quick Summary

Book Title : Say Your Sorry

Author : Melinda Leigh

Publisher : Montlake Romance

Publication Date : May 16, 2017

Page Length : 338 pages.

Part of Series : Book 1 of 6

Morgan, a mother of three girls, is just starting to get back to work, two years after her husband's death. Having landed a job at the District Attorney's office, she is pretty stoked to be getting back to work to keep her mind off losing her husband and her old life. When a young man who lives across the street from her grandfather's, where she and her girls are residing, is arrested on a murder and rape charge, she goes against the community and loses her job for trying to defend a man she knows is innocent. As she begins her own investigation into what really happened, she partners up with an old high school lover who is now a private detective to gather all the facts she needs to prove that her client is innocent. What she never thought she would encounter seems to lie in wait. As they get closer to the truth, they find themselves getting shot at, attacked and in other dangerous situations, which means they might have found out more and helped figure out a few mysteries that not a lot of people knew about.

Review Time (May Include Spoilers)

Say Your Sorry by Melinda Leigh is a suspenseful murder mystery that keeps you guessing up to the very end. With all the characters involved in the story, the secrets and secrets and issues each character has, it isn't hard to find someone to hate, love, or relate to in one way or another. The severity of the crimes can be a little sickening, especially if you sometimes think of how that could happen to your or someone you love, but to watch how an innocent man is convicted the troubles he may face, as well as seeing how the law system can be wrong in some cases, can really bring light to how certain things can go on without anyone even knowing what is actually going on behind the sense.

I found that I really enjoyed watching Morgan and Lance, a private detective, investigate the crimes committed and pinned on a man. It helped solved a missing person's case and get other secrets revealed. In one particular case, a military veteran, who shot at Morgan and Lance, is found to be suffering from some mental issues. To see how killing someone, even though deployed, can really affect the mind of a man and break his spirit, was truly heart wrenching and yet real. It was very interesting to see how something in the news can trigger an onset of guilt and paranoia in such a brave man. It is characters and developments like this, that can make the story feel all to real and even hit close to home in some people. To have such details on how certain things can trigger certain emotions and outcomes in a variety of ways, made Leigh's storytelling a bit chilling.

It wasn't just a single character that made the book feel more life like, it was all the characters, the thoughts and ideas they had, and how they felt so convicted by what they thought and felt. Take Morgan for example, it is clear on many occasions in the beginning that she doesn't every want to be a defense attorney, but when someone she knows is arrested for a crime she believes he couldn't do, she is more than happy to get to the bottom of the story, even if she finds out the person is trying to protect is guilty. To have such strong feelings that you are willing to risk your dream career is truly a human feat as well as a desirable trait to have. I really found her to be someone to admire, even if fictional. It wasn't easy to see her struggle with the case or to even have images in her mind of her own little girls having been the victim, but it was something that made her all the more likeable. I feel that woman who work in law and who see the murder victims and crime photos think the same thing and find that having a character who would show this, makes it all the better. Even though the reader may know that this book was fictional, to have such real life emotions and thoughts put into the characters can make a book all more desirable to read. But it doesn't just stop there.

As the case unfolds, it is easy to see how a community can come together and even be judgmental based on what is said in the news and what is believed by those who are there to serve and protect the community was a pleasant surprised. Even though things were being rushed without a deeper investigation based on a few pieces of planted evidence and just a few ideas, it became clear that maybe things we see on the news or hear happen in our own communities aren't all that them seem to be. I am not dissing law enforcers, as I know they are overworked and spread thin as is, I am just saying sometimes just because something seems one way it isn't always the case. And to see a community go against one of their own because of how the media portrays things was slightly unsettling, even though it was accurate.

I also really enjoyed how there was some love interest between two characters who didn't feel ready for a relationship. We all know how hard it can to do deal with love after a loss of someone, whether the person died, or just left you. So it didn't come as shock to see Morgan struggle with her feelings when she realized they had been there, growing and waiting for her acknowledgment. However, to see someone so invested with taking care of their parent that they don't wish to burden another, was a even more of a delight. Though it was a very long battle of a will they won't they, I found it to be delightful and quite endearing. To want to be loved and cared for a is basic human want and in some case need, but to love someone in a way that you wouldn't want to have anything in your life burden them or create some kind of obstacle for them to hurdle over, was just delightful and pleasant to see.

Needless to say I could probably go on for days about all the things this particular book brings into light. With all the real world problems different characters had and everything else that made it feel all too real to be thought of as fictional, it was an extremely delightful read. I would rate this book 5 stars out of 5 stars for how will it portray how easily humanity can give up on itself and how it can take courage, determination and a bit of stubbornness to do exactly what you feel is right. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to read a murder mystery.

© 2018 Chrissy


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