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Say you love me now

Updated on May 26, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Its hard to say Where he's going but I guarantee you its the top! Kind-hearted and Very free-stylistic when it comes to life.- Wicked High

Wicked High Society


Verse 1

It's hard being your father's son

Apple never fall far from tree Asking God for a plea

Ask the wrong one You only get three

Went to wild Took a Marquis

Ran that bitch to the ground Nobody ever around

Ship aground No body ever found

Just another rag soaked in blood Watch his son grow up

Drank till I threw up

Nothing to glorify

Can I look you in your eyes Watching you die

Stay alive Is all I hear Keep It up buccaneer

Cutting strings


Just a man in a different tier

Clear your voice make it clear

I'm me me he's he she ran out and he felt the heat

A heart that moves on the beat

No sugar tooth sweet Throughout life like a Chewed up meat

Just another apple that fell from the tree..

Art 2


Verse 2

Ogs Always gotta preach save the youth

Always walk these streets Might be the one with the stained sheets

Momma crying in sunday masses My boy is never coming back

Listen when I tell Keep your heart open or end up with it being swollen

By greed lust or envy

Put them in the trunk over Jealousy

Roll up to the front then pull off and bump

To intense of a life style

Still trying to make momma proud

But she keeps screaming loud that's when it comes quick

Like a light Switch.....


Art 3


Verse 3

Till you feel it in your chest

Thinking of what could change for the best

Thinking too much make your brain bust

Just take the time to realize

Your dead before you die

Call it suicide

Get in the car and ride

Light another gar

She said she likes it hard

Dealing with another card

Watching family breaking shards

Towns full of broken hearts

Still dreams of visions of making cream

Slumped in the back seat Three Motha fuckers deep

Better not count them sheep cause he might pop where you sleep...

Video 1

Video 2

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© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 7 months ago from Queensland Australia

      This poem read like a rap song and ain enjoyed it. Both videos were good but I preferred the first.