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Updated on July 8, 2011

Shayari also often spelled as Sayari, Shaayari, Shayri and Shaayaree. Here we will refer to it as Shayari. Shayari is a form of Indian poem written in Hindi. Just like conventional poems Shayaris have rhyming phrases with a direct meaning from indirect words. I am going to categorize below the various types or should I say moods of Shayaris. I will be publishing Shayaris pertaining to all the moods mentioned below very soon. This is just like an index of Shayaris.

Shayaris Index

  1. Friendship Shayaris
  2. Love Shayaris
  3. Sad Shayaris
  4. Romantic Shayaris
  5. Compliment Shayaris
  6. SMS Shayaris
  7. Funny Shayaris
  8. Greeting Shayaris
  9. Inspirational Shayaris
  10. Punjabi Shayaris
  11. Nature Shayaris
  12. Relationships Shayaris
  13. Patriotic Shayaris
  14. Motivational Shayaris
  15. Hate Shayaris
  16. Ocassion Based Shayaris

Do Await for the above Shayaris!

This was just an index of the most popular moods of Shayaris. These unique form of poems can be used to express your feelings and emotions when you run short of words. Since most of you will not be acquainted enough with the language Hindi, I will be publishing the Hindi Shayaris with English translation. I will also try to keep the words of English as simple as possible.

I will add links to the above topic of the index as soon as I publish a hub on them.

Please do leave your valuable comment if you are awaiting the Shayaris (with translation of course). It will highly encourage me you see.


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    • sensu0s profile image

      sensu0s 4 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • profile image

      ankit 6 years ago

      very good :-)