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Sayings About Change

Updated on April 29, 2013

Sayings about Change in Our Lives

Are you the type of person who, when a curve ball is thrown at them, reach up with eagerness to catch it boldly with one hand. Or are you the type of person, who, upon seeing that curve ball, quickly ducks with your arms covering your entire head in the hopes that change won't happen.

No matter who you are, below are some one-liners that you can toss around about change and how it relates to you and your life:

  1. My life will never change: The only impossible quote in the history of quotes
  2. Change is the way I measure time
  3. When we turn a page we change our life
  4. Change can either make you crazy or keep you sane
  5. In a blink you can change your direction
  6. Turning a corner is change's way of saying "come here"
  7. Change makes us realize that the clock is ticking
  8. If nothing ever changed everything would stay the same
  9. Think of change as an Angel guiding you through every step of your life
  10. How do we change our life when change keeps hiding in the closet
  11. Taking a step in a new direction lets us change our stars
  12. Our life is a culmination of every choice we've ever made; if we don't like where we are, then we need to pick up the phone and call Change
  13. Long distances, short distances, it doesn't matter, change is always coming
  14. Sometimes if we don't change our ways, our ways will change us
  15. I know it's not easy, I know, but hold onto to the one thing that means the most and do your best to never let Change take that from you

A Video Poem About Life Choices - Change Via Growth

Funny Sayings About Change

If it wasn't for humor, we probably couldn't get through all of the challenges that life so frequently hands us:

  1. Change has no power, I removed the "h" and "n" and now it's in a Cage
  2. When you change a diaper, you change a life
  3. Do not change who you are unless who you are needs a change
  4. I'm about to Change into the Incredible Hulk; I would strongly suggest you hide
  5. Change slapped me in the face, so I tossed it out on it's behind with Time
  6. Change and Time are ganging up on me
  7. Change is like a bad cold, it's hangs around just to make your life miserable
  8. I purchased change it's own Condo, and told it to move out of mine
  9. Change is like a fickle friend, it can't decide so it's always flip flopping
  10. Making a change sometimes means busting out into song in the middle of a crowded mall
  11. Your heart will break, your life will have problems, and the world won't always seem right. That's when change will kick serious butt
  12. Changing your mind is like changing your bed sheets - both needed a good cleaning
  13. If someone wants you to change; either they suck or you do!
  14. Just because someone welcomes change doesn't mean they don't also want to pound the crap out of it
  15. Sometimes change hangs with another buddy; time - If they're both in the room at the same time, change thinks it's the boss

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Have Drive - Change Plates
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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Barbara, great job with these sayings about change, which are all true and right. Voted up for beautiful!