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Sayings About Happiness

Updated on May 10, 2013

Happy No Matter What


Original Sayings about Life and Happiness

In a world where 'haters' get all the press, it's time to take this planet back and spread a little love and happiness to the masses!

Go ahead, text a lovely saying to a friend, or just write it in a card for someone special. Better yet, just send them here to read the entire list!

  1. No matter my plight, I keep happiness in my heart
  2. I exit all situations with a smile
  3. Smiling makes someone else happy while feeding your own soul
  4. Happiness is a choice, and despite what most believe, it's an easy choice to make
  5. If you want to tell yourself a lie, make it a good one - "I'm really happy today"
  6. When I leave this earth, I want to smile on the way out
  7. Making someone happy is the most personal gift you can give
  8. Happiness in heart tells the world you have one
  9. My heart walks around seeking smiles
  10. Some people like to give out things, I like to give out smiles
  11. Today I plan to hug ten people and smile at 20..I call that my 'soul counter'
  12. Happiness is a living energy that has the power to go viral - if only everyone would remember to set it free
  13. Happy or Sad: Happy wins
  14. Don't be sad for too long, seek out a way to be happy
  15. Happiness is always found in the smallest things
  16. If you really want to know the truth, you are the reason I'm happy
  17. I don't like depending upon others to make me happy, but I'm starting to depend on you
  18. I give in; you're the one that makes me happy
  19. I surrender my love to you - you hold my heart
  20. You are the owner of my heart, and I'm so happy it's you
  21. If you knew what I knew you would be happier than me

A Poster Poem about Facing Each Day

Hope and Happiness
Hope and Happiness | Source

Funny Happiness Sayings

Let's face it, humor feeds the soul, sometimes more than anything else can. Happiness and laughter go hand in hand and they are great emotions to promote to friends and family throughout the day.

Below are a few funny sayings about happiness to share with that special someone:

  1. I'm so happy I could sell it on eBay and make a fortune!
  2. When you're quiet, I'm happy..go figure
  3. One hour of happiness is 60 minutes of medicine for the soul
  4. I stopped trying to impress everyone and happiness knocked on my door
  5. Did you know that being happy is the secret to life..neither did I
  6. Hold your horses! Nay is not how I ride!
  7. The bluebird of happiness just dropped in laughing his beak off
  8. This whine free zone includes wine to prevent whining
  9. One glass of wine and happiness moves in
  10. So you're happy, big freaking deal, so am I, I just don't let anyone know
  11. I wear happiness on my sleeve so I can rub it in your face
  12. Keep Calm and Sell Jars of Happiness
  13. Here come the winds of pain, let me get my happiness bat out!
  14. Money can't buy happiness...said the person with all the money
  15. I have no money, but I'm so happy to be miserable
  16. If happiness was cash, I'd have none
  17. I'm filthy rich and really stickin' happy
  18. I want to share my happiness with the world, but the world keeps rejecting it!
  19. Don't buy happiness, it's way to expensive
  20. Haters monopolize the internet...time for an intervention of sickening syrup joy filled viral happy messages filled with cliches and sarcasm - off to work on it.
  21. Viral happiness is just as easy as viral ugliness
  22. I want to be happy everyday, but sometimes I have to fake it to keep loving you
  23. Happy people make me realize that I'm not too darn happy
  24. If I were happy everyday, I wouldn't be the interesting disaster that I am
  25. I like being happy, but gheesh that can get exhausting
  26. Happiness is what makes you beautiful, anger is what makes you sexy
  27. You are the dream I had; sure was a happy dream!
  28. Your happiness is catchy; I can't be miserable around you even when I want to be!

Smiling Through it All!

Fridge Magnet
Fridge Magnet | Source

Happiness Sayings about Loving People

Do you have people who are easier to love than others...if so, here are some original sayings to capture some of these emotions:

  1. I love you so much, that it literally hurts to be this happy!
  2. When I love you happiness follows me
  3. I'm not sure how happy you are, but I'm over the moon
  4. Your love is like getting a happiness bath
  5. When you're in the room, I'm happier than a dancing pig
  6. The viral happiness you can spread with love costs nothing
  7. Joy is given with hugs, happiness is taken from joy - hug more
  8. Connecting happily with our fellow man is what makes us better people
  9. If I love you this much after 30 years, then I must have had a lot of happiness with you
  10. Yours is the smile I seek out everyday
  11. At the end of the day, when everyone has stressed me out, there you are, filling my soul with much needed happiness - I thank God for you
  12. When everyone else walks out the door, you always stay, through it all, you stay; that's the greatest gift anyone has ever given me
  13. I love you because you remember to love me when I don't feel I deserve it
  14. You make me happy, and that's saying a lot considering not many people do
  15. I want to make you happy, I want to earn your love, you deserve all of that

Happiness - First Achieved Via Self Awareness

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