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Sayings About Time

Updated on May 1, 2013

Time Isn't Always Forever

The Nevers - Losing someone we love
The Nevers - Losing someone we love | Source

Time Does More than Heal All Wounds!

Express your love by using time as a metaphor, or just speak about it as a reflection of life gone by or life still yet to live.

Below is a list of sayings about time as it relates to various aspects of life;

Life Reflections about Time:

  1. Time is the way we measure our own milestones
  2. In life, there is nothing but time, yet people still feel they need to steal it
  3. Stolen moments are times way of saying you need to slow down
  4. It takes some people a lifetime to say 'I love you'
  5. Time is endless, but your life isn't
  6. A time machine solves everything
  7. Depending on your perspective time offers an ending or eternity
  8. Time doesn't tell, it waits for you to act
  9. In our deepest moments of despair we are given the gift of new day
  10. Tomorrow is times way of saying 'congratulations' you made it here
  11. Time knows you personally, you can't hide from it
  12. Picture Time as being the biggest bottle you've ever seen
  13. If you remove the 'M' from 'Time', it's a Tie!
  14. It's not a race to the finish line, it's Time's way of saying there is always an ending
  15. A stop watch measures our speed, a wall clock measures our quality

How's Your Time Being Spent on the Road of Life?

From the time we're born to the time we leave this planet, our road is paved by choices. The choices we make and the time we take to reach our ultimate path is a major determining factor for whether we'll hit bumps or travel a paved highway.

If we think of birth to death as a straight line and are then told that a straight line between those two destinations is the quickest, easiest road of life...would we listen? That's the question...or would we sway left, go backwards, pull a few u-turns and then ultimately get it right and head back to the main highway?

Think of your own life...did you take the easy road? If you didn't, don't sweat it, because everyday that you wake up, you get another chance to get it right - that's the gift of time.

  1. My time is owned by me, yet it I hand it out like candy
  2. To own my own life is to own my time
  3. Guarding my time is a full time job
  4. Time is taken from me only when I freely give it
  5. I want to give you more of my time, but you're a time snapper who wants it all!
  6. Time is the commodity that most people never track or measure
  7. If 5 minutes of your time was valued at $100, how much money would you have lost throughout your life to date
  8. When we waste our time, we waste our minds
  9. Using our time wisely is sometimes the hardest thing to do
  10. Get off the computer, you're spending too much time here

When I'm With You - Time to Stop and Breathe

When I'm with You
When I'm with You | Source

Funny Sayings About Time

A little humor about time passing by can lighten the load of life and aging! Go ahead, make someone smile (or scowl) by texting one to a friend or family member!

  1. It's time to put time in a bottle and toss it out to sea
  2. So much time so little talent
  3. Take time to smell what needs to be cleaned
  4. Time heals our wicked ways
  5. Don't stress time will kick that in the behind
  6. As he ages Time hates me and loves him!
  7. Toss me a bottle of time, I want to wash my hair with it
  8. Time is a measurement, deal with it!
  9. You don't get out without runs out with you
  10. I want you to know that Time called me, and he said you're winning
  11. When Time needs a break, it rains
  12. Aging and Time, a couple we need to break up!
  13. Lets take age and introduce it to a broken clock
  14. Never say never when time is in the room
  15. I'm not really sick, I'm just taking a break from time

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