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Scarlet Menace

Updated on October 19, 2013

I am being enveloped

in a blanket of scarlet

that introduces itself

into my head as though

it was spikes being

driven from an

invisible hand.

Causing my insides to

churn as nausea

overtakes the entirety

of the wretched being

that others perceive

to be the individual

that they think I am.

There is a chill that

invades me from the

moment that the

atrocity of the

organism invades

the cavity that

contains my brain.

The vastness of the

experience is more

than most encounter

in a lifetime.

Yet for me it is a

daily occurrence

that facilitates nothing

more than unbelief.

I feel as though

sound is minute,

yet I am running

in a tunnel where

sound is immense,

bouncing yet is

everywhere gettring

and gettinglouder

all the time

with no possible escape.

Yet others hear nothing.

Light pierces through

my eyes and assaults

my brain as thought it

were a pincushion.

Nothing helps, even

when I close my eyes

the light still invades.

This for me occurs

even in a silent room.

This is my enemy.

This Scarlet Menance,


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