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Scarlet Oath: Back Here Alive Again [Chapter 1 ]

Updated on April 20, 2014

Scarlet Oath: Back Here Alive Again :

Natsume sat on her small bed watching the sun’s rays crawl into her dark room. The golden rays mercilessly crashed onto her eyelids, bringing her back to her senses. She tried to adjust her eyes to the new breaking dawn but with a sad sigh she dragged her blankets over her face. She felt dizzy from last night’s incident yet she felt broken and despaired.

The tiny room covered in Gothic paint started moving around her and she knew that the dizziness will kick in soon. “Please, go away! Not now, please not now.” In her desperate cries she remembered tints of what happened last night. The split headache takes over her memories of last night and she breaks into tears.

Electricity running through her head’s left hemisphere and images of pure darkness and blood cover her thoughts. The smell of flesh and burned charcoal, the taste of rusted steel and the smell of skewered meat appears on her tongue. The acidity of the images raping her mind burn through her skin making her little sobs turn into screams of agony.

Her fingers clutch the blankets, finger tips digging through the damp fabric trying to break loose from the grip of whatever was invading her consciousness, yet all her struggles make the pain worse. Screeching and kicking she demands to be left alone, yet somehow the rapid lashes of the images respond in a more violent manner. Blood pumping through her ears she hears their cries, tastes the steel cutting through their limbs, feels every limb severed by the descending Claymores and spears and every time the swords descended she helped in pain. Bit by bit the darkness and the rivers of blood subside and she finds herself kneeling next to a pile of bodies.

In her panic to leave that human graveyard, she misplaces her foot and falls head first into the blood with her face only inches away from a dead man’s face. His eyes were ice cold and although he was dead, a brush of agony resided on his sun-burned skin. Natsume wanted to scream her lungs out, yet, again , her voice has failed her. She was crippled by the fear that took over her body, thus she remained glued to the river of blood only inches away from that man’s corpse.

Sobbing she stared into the blood which she had fallen into. Slowly she closed her eyes hoping the pictures would let her be. Shaking, she felt the droplets of cold rain mercilessly crash on her barren skin. Suddenly, she remembered as she placed her arms around her body that she was half naked in her sleeping gown on a bloody field crippled by fear.

The wind carried the moans of those souls drenched in blood and death. “I just want to live to see my daughter grow up, I wish I could tell him I loved him, I don’t want to die here, I want to live to see the sun dance on top of my barren skin again, I just want to see her smile again” were some of the thoughts that echoed over the miles that extended for a battlefield.

And as their last thoughts echoed through her spine, she started to sob again in pain. This time, she did not sob out of fear, she sobbed for them; she sobbed for strangers who haunted her day and night.

Forcefully, she extended her hand to the man who was laying close to her and as her fingers touched his ice-cold eyelids she felt a waves of warmth brush over her chest.

She found herself staring at her room’s ceiling, hand extended upwards, breathing heavily. She recognized the warmth on top of her chest. Natsume lifted him up slowly and buried her face in his fur. Suddenly, her hug turned into a sob and she soon felt her tears cover the cat’s fur. The hurt and the pain of the reality of what she saw cut deeper now that she was fully conscious. She tugged him closer and cried. Trembling she lifted her face up to meet his gaze. His golden eyes sparkled and he held her gaze taking in her thoughts and pain. As she set him down, he approached her and ran his tail over her face. Settling like a pretzel on her lap, she took in his warmth and sighed.

Settling into her world of monochromic reality, she stood up forcing the cat down. “Let us get you some food, eh , Tamashii ?”. The cat looked her in the eye and led the way into the kitchen. Yet, before reaching the kitchen, he stopped at the bathroom door and waited for Natsume to follow. Natsume entered the bathroom, flicked on the light and stared at her reflection. Her hair has turned red and her eyes were puffy yet of a color she did not recognized. Those weren’t her eyes, nor her hair color, but sure that sure was her own face.

She sighed ignoring the insanity around her and decided to wash her face with the soap bar she bought from the oriental shop she visited two days ago. She placed her hands on the sink only to wash off the blood that covered her palms. Out of her fear, she screams, trips by the toilet carpet and hits her head on the bathroom floor.

Fading, the world around her is engulfed in golden rays and soon the warmth covers her body. The fear is replaced by tranquility and she finds herself drifting into a warm dream of colors wrapping around her wrists, trunk, and gently brushing her cheek. She sleeps breathing softly into a world of peaceful warmth.

“HOllyyyy FUCK !, what time is it ?”, Natsume awakens in a haze and slaps the alarm clock silent.

“Dear lord, it is 8:30 am !” she runs to the toilet brushes her teeth and forces herself into her jeans. Taking one look at the reflection in the mirror, her face shows signs of lack of sleep and her black eyes stare back into her soul with pure anger. “Shit shit, shit this is no time to care about your looks”, she runs out of the bathroom and passes her cat by which as always remains at an arm’s length. She forces her converses on and tugs his ear before leaving to snatch her backpack.

“Tamoush , I will be back for you at 2pm after my exam; I shall treat you to some salmon okay? Sorry bibi “, and she runs out of her apartment and locks the door heading to class.

~[End of Chapter One ]~


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