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Scholarship essay (example) CSU Trustees’ Award Committee

Updated on June 22, 2016

Scholarship essay Introduction

CSU Trustees’ Award Committee

I am a biology major student at the California State University Northridge and believe that my selected course will help me to accomplish my aspiration to help others, and expand my knowledge base. My academic performance, my community service, and my work experience have all enabled me to work as to realize my goals.


I was born in an average family in Iran. The geographical remoteness and high cost of living our province of Baluchistan meant that life was always difficult. In retrospect, I do not feel as if I was underprivileged by my atypical childhood that included limited opportunities and life of restriction. Despite these hardships, my parents, with the help of an uncle who is a doctor, managed to send me to school. For the eleven years I spent schooling in Iran, I always one of the top students in my class. I went to Semmelweis University to study medicine but dropped out due to my family’s inability to pay tuition. Later I joined Santa Monica College and eventually California State University Northridge. Life was difficult when I arrived in America. I struggled to learn English so that I could be able to speak and write. I had to take English Language Learners classes. I also struggled to find a job without a work permit and did not want to bother my people back at home with my expenses. They had already done their part by paying my tuition fee.


I have often taken challenging courses, and I have an excellent academic record. At age 17, my uncle sent me to Budapest, Hungry to study medicine and got accepted by the Semmelweis University. I attended the course however for two semesters before dropping out because I was unable to pay for my accommodation and other personal expenses. In 2011 I got an opportunity to joined Santa Monica College in Los Angeles to continue pursuing my dream from where I left. I managed to maintain a good GPA of 4.0 and proceeded to join California State University Northridge. I was able to sustain an excellent GPA and earn honors after completing my graduation.In fall 2015 I will sit for MCAT. Though it has been a long journey, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Besides school related work, I became involved in the Trio Program at Santa Monica College as a Physics and chemistry tutor. In have also couched and mentored high school, middle school, and elementary school students. I have also served as private kid’s swimming coach and Adidas Sales Associate to help maintain high sales goals. While in Hungary, I volunteered as a clerk at the Avecina College working in data entry and answering phone calls.I have learned to work and interact with different people while working in various capacities and developed robust leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. My personal experiences as a teacher, mentor and academic have equipped me with commitment, passion and the initiative to succeed in neurosurgeon course.

Social Life

I have been invoked with Sherman Oaks Presbyterian Church as a Sunday morning greeter, seeing that all people feel welcomed. I also became involved babysitting and elderly caretaking during my break from CSUN in 2014.

My plan is to become a certified neurosurgeon so that I could appear to touch peoples’ lives and make a positive contribution to my community. This degree will give the tools to diagnose and surgically treat the disorders associated with peripheral and central nervous systems.My dream is to become a doctor like my uncle who touched many lives, including my own.




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