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School Safety - Protect the Children

Updated on February 6, 2013
Danger Alert! Delinquent children are threatening our school kids with plastic assault rifles!
Danger Alert! Delinquent children are threatening our school kids with plastic assault rifles!

Toys - The Greatest Danger of All

A few years ago, our wise and benevolent rulers decided to make schools better and safer for our children. As part of their plan, they implemented a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and weapons.

However, there have been many instances of delinquent children just not buckling to the program. These children set a poor example for future members of the American collective.

For example, a 9 year old by the name of Patrick Timoney took a small plastic gun that was attached to one of his Lego toys to school. This was not a small quarter inch toy, but a very large 2 inch replica of an assault rifle.

When asked why he would bring such a dangerous toy to school, Patrick simply mumbled that he wanted to a policeman like his father. Obviously, a child who would bring a replica of a weapon to school should be disqualified from the police force.

Toys are not the only threat to our children. In Rhode Island, an 8 year old by the name of David Morales wore a hat to school that depicted soldiers carrying weapons. Luckily, the hat was confiscated to prevent any young males from getting ideas like patriotism or allowing them to feel good about being born male.

Toy Escalation - A Slippery Slope

Allowing any toy that does not meet government regulations for the suppression of ideas can actually lead to a dangerous escalation of even more violent toys or ideas.

An example from New Jersey should show the true dangers awaiting complacency. It is hard to believe this, but a seven year old boy brought a nerf gun to school. This weapon shot foam rubber ping pong balls. The police had to be called in and the boy was arrested for the possession of an imitation firearm. The trauma caused to his fellow schoolmates by watching him get arrested will probably last for years.

In Oklahoma, school authorities had to suspend a child for forming a gun with his hand. This level of violence escalated in New Jersey after several kindergartners were caught playing cops and robbers during recess. They also shaped their hands into a dangerous facsimile of a gun and even pointed their fingers at other children. They were punished with suspension.

Protect Children from Drugs - Just Say No

When most people think of drugs, they think of prescription medicine or illegal substances like marijuana or heroin. What they don't realize is that any substance that you consume will affect the chemistry of your body. This provides an avenue for some ingenious young children to learn the dark skills necessary to become the new drug dealers of America.

Some children have been caught bringing Alka-Seltzer tablets to school and even giving them away. Other kids have been caught and expelled for cough drops and fizzy rocks. As we know, drug dealers begin their trade by giving away exotic substances and then charging for them once their customers are addicted. One 13 year boy had to attend drug counseling after being caught with a cert's breath mint in Manassas, Virginia. Another child was charged with a felony for bringing sugar to school. I am certain that was very disruptive to the proper school environment.

Some children have become very brazen in smuggling chemicals into school. One girl had to be suspended for wearing makeup and another for dying her hair purple. Fashion statements like this can be detrimental to the proper upbringing of our children.

Undermining Conformity - The Danger Within

The dangers in the school environment go beyond dangerous replicas of weapons and simulated drugs. Many children are engaging in behavior that displays individuality and undermines conformity. This undermines obedience to our wise and benevolent authoritarian rulers and can even result in children thinking that the U.S. constitution applies to them and not just to the privileged government class.

For instance, Savana Redding, a 13 year old honor student at Safford High School in Arizona was suspected of smuggling an aspirin into the school. Authorities helped to prove her innocence by strip searching her body. Rather than thanking her benefactors, she had the temerity to sue them. Luckily, the U.S. Supreme court doesn't support constitutional rights for the lower class and she was put in her place. This will help to discourage further lawsuits against our wise and benevolent rulers.

Some Jewish kids have been caught wearing the Star of David and other children have been caught with rosary beads. These children tried to say that these were just expressions of their religious beliefs rather than displays of their own individuality. Luckily, authorities were able to label these items as gang paraphernalia, confiscate them, and suspend the children.

Dangerous Child Drawing!

11 Year Old Boy Drawing Stick Figures!

Just in! A new criminal has defiled the sanctity of a local school. On February 21, 2011 a young boy with ADD who was taught by his psychiatrist to express his emotions in a more appropriate way than disrupting class, quietly drew a picture of stick figures, and then proceeded to throw it away.

Now mind you, these weren't just any stick way! These were violent stick figures committing a horrible least the smaller stick figure was. And to compound this horrible atrocity, the child wrote "teacher's must die!" Luckily, the teacher intercepted this drawing before it could fail to do absolutely no harm.

Now, I can guess what you holy and righteous people must be thinking. Isn't it better for this kid to express his anger in a picture than to bottle it all up for a bunch of years and then go on a killing spree? Well the answer is "absolutely not!"

Remember, we are trying to create a society of political correctness and total submission to authority. And if this results in someone turning into a serial killer or mass murderer, then that is a small price to pay for universal conformity. So let the kid rot in jail for a dozen years. Certainly, he will come out a better and more humble citizen after all is done.

Are you appalled yet?

After reading about all these threats to the minds of your young children, you are probably feeling appalled. There is some good news though. Authorities are legislating even more laws to handle these miscreants and penalties will certainly escalate until all forms of individualism are censored for the greater good of society.

In the meantime, just be sure to teach your children the approved dogma. Keep them away from all forms of fantasy and video games. Censor all spontaneous expression of their feelings. The important thing is to provide them with the correct beliefs so that they don't begin to think for themselves. Remember, free thinking is the enemy of conformity.

Conformity and the Asch Experiment

The Asch experiment shows the importance of preventing all dissension and independent thinking. The Asch experiment shows that it takes very little social support for an individual to begin trusting in the efficacy of his own mind.

During this experiment, 37% of participants would give into the group even when their very own eyes told them the opposite of what the others believed. However, with just one person voting alongside them to back up their own convictions, they would continue to rely on their own thinking.

All bureaucrats should be aware of the importance of this research. The dangers of just one person dissenting from the crowd can undermine a whole agenda. This shows the importance of punishing dissent with unrelenting and overwhelming force.

Important Lessons in Conformity


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