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Schools Offering Undergraduate Creative Writing Degrees

Updated on May 22, 2014

Creative writing covers a lot of different aspects. It can include writing fiction, poetry, non-fiction, screenplays, blogs, and more. In today's world, communication through creative writing is growing in popularity. For those looking for a career in the writing field, a creative writing degree can be the way to go. Here are some schools that offer undergraduate creative writing majors (Associate's or Bachelor's) for those who are looking for their first college degree.

Emory University

Emory University is located in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. Emory offers small class sizes and a flexible program. Genres that a student can study include fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, and creative non-fiction.

Hamilton College

Hamilton College in Clinton, New York also offers a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. They are known for their writing program. The program also includes a lot of study in various types of literature from different time periods.

University of Arizona

This University, located in Tucson, offers a degree in Creating Writing through their English department. Students can take classes with a focus in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. This major also includes studies of British and American literature.

Southern New Hampshire University

This school offers a wide variety of distance learning majors, including one in Creative Writing & English. Students can pick a focus in poetry, nonfiction, fiction, or screenwriting. They can also choose to study all aspects, instead of focusing on one option. The courses include learning about the publishing market and popular fiction, as well as strengthening writing skills.

Chapman University

Chapman University of southern California offers a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. This major includes different writing workshops for students. Writers will also focus on learning more about major literary works.

George Washington University

The biggest university in the capital of the United States offers both a major and a minor in creative writing. The coursework includes English, foreign language, and creative writing. Admission to the program is selective, and the school has a good student to teacher ratio.

Arapahoe Community College

This school is located in Colorado, and offers an Associate of Arts degree in Creative Writing. The college offers many different courses in the fields of fiction, playwriting, poetry, and non-fiction. They also have options for publishing and literature. Since it is a community college, the credits are easily transferred towards a Bachelor's degree at another school.

Knox College

Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois offers a creative writing major and minor with various options. It allows the student to customize their degree plan to best fit their needs. The college also offers internships and honors level courses.

Arkansas Tech University

This school in Russellville, Arkansas, offers a B.F.A. in Creative Writing. Their program focuses on creating a variety of different creative works and offers insight into aspects of writing, such as character development, point of view, and setting. Students also examine major figures in the field.

Chatham University

Chatham University is in the heart of Pennsylvania, located in Pittsburgh. The school offers a major and a minor in Creative Writing, and students can even complete the program faster due to the accelerated program offered by the school. At the end of the program, students will be rewarded with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts, or BFA.

Beloit College

Beloit College is located in Wisconsin and offers Bachelor's degree in English, with a focus on Creative Writing available. Students will work with fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and performance writing, and their work will be critiqued. Students will also learn from a variety of literary works.

Auburn University

This Alabama school offers a creative writing concentration, which focuses on poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, as well as classic and contemporary literature. Students will develop a portfolio of their creative work to prepare for life after graduation. The school also has a prestigious Writer's Conference each year.

This is just a sampling of the many schools that have specific creative writing programs. As the demand for writers grows in our economy, more schools are choosing to offer this program and its specific coursework. While a creative writing degree may not be required for certain careers, it can never hurt to be more educated if it is truly your passion.


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      Dess 5 years ago

      We also have an industry recognized and reputable Graphic Design institution called Santa Fe University, in New Mexico. They allow students to study their first year (foundation year) in Milan, Italy.