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Sci-Fi Adventure Into the Galaxy With a Special Lunchbox in This New Read from Best-Selling Author Michael Bentley

Updated on May 9, 2020
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

New Sci-Fi Adventure Read from Best-Selling Author Michael Bentley

a fun read for ages 8-12-great for summer reading
a fun read for ages 8-12-great for summer reading | Source

Fun Read for the Summer for Ages 8-12

Best-selling author MIchael Bentley's Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox is a fun read to pick up for summer reading for children ages 8-12. There is a life lesson in friendship to be learned along with all of the exciting adventures that Finn Foley engages in when he goes out into the galaxy. How would you like a sparkly lunchbox that contains all kinds of strange things that come out when you open it? Can you picture a seven-foot-tall robot? How about wormholes with shortcuts that can transport you out into space? Finn opens his lunchbox and a strange shiny object attaches itself to his chest.

Finn attracts a terrible plague of giant bugs as he travels into space. These bugs want the shiny object that is attached to Finn's chest. Fin must go to war with these bugs in order to escape. He needs his lunchbox to fight the plague of bugs. He also must enlist the help of his sister and others to form a team to win the war. Finn forms his team with a robot, a cool girl by the name of Julep, and an acquaintance by the name of Lincoln. This team creates a lesson in friendship.

Young readers will find this new adventure to be a page-turner to discover Finn's success in the war against the plague of bugs. Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox was published by Random House Children's Books and has an ISBN of 9780525646884.

Great choice for summer reading!

Summer Activities to Enhance the Reading for Homeschooled Children

*Many children will continue homeschooling activities this summer due to the unprecedented time that we are living in now when home becomes the school. Schools were shuttered and will not open for the remaining school term of May. Summer reading will be a large part of summer learning this year for children who plan to continue online learning. Michael Bentley's Finn and the Intergalactic Lunchbox is a fun read to put on a reading list to enrich creativity in children.

*Children can read a few chapters each day if they choose. Chapter books are popular with ages 8-12 and this adventurous book will engage children in creative reading.

*Collect materials for children to create their own special lunchbox. Stickers, glitter, glue, and other materials make creative materials to decorate a lunchbox.

*What do you want to put inside your lunchbox? Children can collect objects to place inside their lunchbox. What special characteristics do these special objects have? Assign a creative writing activity to engage children in their own magical thinking about one special object and the powers that their favorite objects might have.

*Finn travels to space with a robot. Provide art materials for children to create their own robot. Boxes, tubes from paper towels, shiny objects, and foil can be objects to create a robot. How do children want to use their robot?

*Assign a creative writing activity for children to write about a weird plague that they might encounter in space just as Finn encountered the giant bugs. How are they going to fight the plague?

*What's in our galaxy? Children can explore space with other books and online tools to learn about our galaxy.

*Add a food preparation activity to enhance the reading experience with this fun read. Create snacks for Finn to take with him out into space. Freeze-dried fruits, and meats are available for food that is similar to food that astronauts take into space. What other foods can you put into your lunchbox?

*Add art materials and star stickers to create a galaxy. Styrofoam balls of a variety of sizes create the planets. Star stickers can be used to create star formations such as the Big Dipper.

*What would you want to attach to your chest that the plague of giant bugs might want? Create a special object with art materials that you would attach to your chest that the giant bugs might want?

*What friends would you have to form a team to work with to fight any plague that you might encounter on your trip to the galaxy? Why would you choose these friends?

© 2020 Cindy Hewitt


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