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Sci-Fi Horror Lovers (Short Story)

Updated on July 21, 2012

Nikki's Wizard Journey

Nikki was tired and drowsy and just wanted to sleep. She walked into her apt, immediately got undressed, grabbed a bottle of champagne and jumped in the shower, she ran the water hot and pressed her body up against the wall while the water penetrated her skin, it was relaxing and therapeutic, she started drinking a bottle of champagne while the water put her into a trance, she slide down against the wall and sat in the tub while finishing up her bottle, she felt tipsy and relaxed, Nikki was hoping she'd drink just enough to knock her out cold. She stumbled out of the shower naked and wet and collapsed on the bed. She laid there as the ceiling fan slowly dried her wet body she was almost in a comma, still awake in her mind, but her body was dead. As she lay there starring at the ceiling, the tingling sensation came back to her forehead.


Oh my God this can't be happening now! Im in the middle of a crisis! I'm on the verge of losing my mind!

The tingling didn't stop, it continued to move down her body as it usually did until she was floating above her body. The sounds of the whirlwinds came and briskly pulled her body into the circle of high speeds and bright white lights. Nikki flew into a place that looked like a cave, it was dark and damp, there were candles on the stone walls that gave off a small amount of light. There were 6 people in rags sitting together on a bench, they looked afraid. Nikki glanced down at her attire, it looked like she was wearing a brown potato sack that had been ripped to shreds. A funny looking small man, with a pointy hat and purple rob stood before them. He was holding a crystal ball in both hands, he called out to them.


Who will be next to try and defeat the angel rappers!?

Angels rappers? Nikki thought herself who would be so cruel and rape an actual angel? The wizard looked around the room no one volunteered, he took a sigh of disappointment.


Well since I have no volunteers I will appoint people. Lets about you over there.

The wizard pointed at a guy with blond hair and blue eyes, very pale skin, he was to afraid to look up, he jumped as he was called.


(Angry, raising to his feet)

Yes, you over there, look at me this instance!

And you over there.

The wizard pointed to a female with very dark hair, yellow tinted skin and extreme almond eyes, she jumped with fright, but still she rose upon her feet. He looked around the room and his eyes stumbled across Nikki, Nikki looked down at her toes, trying not to give him anymore eye contact, he called out to her with a ghastly voice!


You! over there! Come forward, all three of you, stand right in front of me.

They all walked to the front slowly not knowing what to expect. He starred at the three of them.


Come with me to my chambers.

He pulled his hands in front of chest with the crystal balls on top.

He lead us down a hall way using the crystal balls for light, the hall looked like a dungeon it was very dark. He brought them to a room that looked like an office, there was a round table on the inside, he walked us over.


You may take your seats now.

They all sat down at the table, he placed the crystal balls down on a mantle, each one had its own stand. He walked over towards us and sat down in a big huge purple chair at the front of the table.


I have made my selection tonight based on my natural instincts, the powers that be have selected the three of you to attempt my task. The powers that be also tell me, only one of you will make it out alive! Now the task at hand.

He said while pouring a special tea into three cups and dispersing them to the three of them, they starred at it and all toke a sip not wanting to up set him. He continued talking as he pulled a glass jar out of a black velvet bag, there on the inside of the jar looked like little fireflies. We were all amazed with the little creatures.


(Looking at the Wizard)

What are those?

The wizard looked at them with excitement and explained.


These are what we call angel rapers, when the lid of the jar comes off they will fly into the air and latch onto the walls. They will increase into human size and become beautiful alluring, glowing angels, with gorgeous long white fluffy wings that spread out wide. They are completely naked underneath, some male, some female. There wings cover them like a cocoon, they will float above you like tamed butterflies, penetrating and tranquilizing your soul. They are inviting and will make you mesmerized, you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside until you let down your guard. As they lure you over, you will touch there wings, at this point they will grasp you into a coil. They have a flesh eating slime on the inside of there wings that is ten times the strength of battery acid. Once they have you on the inside of there wings your flesh will be decinigrated until there's nothing left but bones. “As your soul leaves your body, they will take it and devour it in every sexual way possible against your souls will. The only way to defeat them is simple, never ever look back, keep walking until you are at the end of the journey if you look back they are entitled to your soul. Never ever give in to them luring you towards there wings, fight temptation...only the strong will survive this task!

Nikki was thinking to herself why were they doing this, he has already foreseen only one of them will make it, why put there lives at jeopardy, two of them will die today. Nikki started to get nervous, the wizard stood up from his chair.


Lets go to the hall of doom!

The words gave them chills up and down there spin, They looked around at each other, Nikki took a deep swallow as she got up from her chair, the others followed. He lead them down out of the room to dark hallway, he stopped us at a pitch black point, we could not see, he pulled the jar out of the black velvet bag, the glow from the little fireflies lit up the hall, it was long and deep, they couldn't see the other side. He raised the jar and unscrewed the top, the little fireflies drifted into the air, there wings glow with beautiful enchanting beams of lights, they flew higher and higher and became bigger and bigger, Nikki didn't realize how high the ceilings were. The hall way lit up with a gorgeous white glow, the walls and ground were made of gold, the walls had beautiful carvings of leaves and trees made of silver, it was amazingly breathtaking. By this time the the angel rappers were at full human size, they floated above us quietly starring, they were unimaginable, like nothing you've ever seen, how could something so beautiful be so evil? They starred at them, they stare back at the same time, they all unwrapped them selves from there cocoons and opened there wings out wide, they were completely bare. There skin had a soft golden glow, that looked like it would melt like butter if you touched it, they were unreal, people who were airbrushed in magazines didn't even look that good. There bodies were in tip top shape, the women had perfect hour glass figures and the men were muscular like athletes, they were like nothing anyone has ever seen before. The wizard looked at our faces and saw how we were gawking, he immediately became upset.


CONTROL YOURSELVES! This is the type of behavior that will get you killed! Once you cross that line, there is no coming back, you must make it to the other side without having that temptation! You must never look back or touch them, is that understood? They all nodded there heads yes,as they approached the starting line, Nikki toke a look at her components almost in tears she toke a deep breath and decided if she's gotta do this thing then she needed to focus and stay strong, it was her only way out. The wizard raised his hand.


You will now embark on your journey!!

The wizard lowered his hand and they began to take baby steps, as they crossed the line and walked slowly. Calm winds whiped there hair as they felt warmth on the inside, there nostrils filled with scents of fresh roses, lilly's fell from the sky and landed gently in there hair, Nikki walked faster as the lillys fell to her feet. The glowing through out the hall was heavenly and bright. Nikki glanced at the guy with blond hair, he darted out in front of her, he was trying to run to complete the journey. An angel flew down in front of him and floated above him. He kept walking resisting the temptation, he tried not to look at her.


(extending her wing)

come with me...come with me

where everything is peaceful

and there's harmony in the

land of Ever More.

The angels voice was unreal, her lips did not move but they heard her as clear as day. Her voice echoed into there mind, body and souls, it sent tingles down there spines, the angel extended her other wing as she bared her naked glowing golden body, the angel stared down at the man with blond hair, he ran faster but she stay ahead of him floating bare and taunting and teasing him, he begin to cry as he opened his eyes.


(echoing voice)

Come with me... come with me....come with me!!!

The man with blond hair took his eyes off the angel and keep running, Nikki walked slowly trying not to bring attention to her self , but she could feel there presence floating above her. The other female component was walking behind Nikki, she couldn't see her and didn't dare to look back.


(echoing voice)

Come with me...come with me!!!

The angel floated so close to the man with blond hair, her nose was almost touching his. He stopped running from exhaustion to catch his breath, he walked slowing as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. The man with blond hair starting starring at her gold glowing naked body. Music filled there ears, it was a violin, it was peaceful and deranged at the same time, the man with the blond hair was becoming intrigued, the angel moved her body seductively to the mellow sounds, he watched every move every erotic shake the angel made, he became mesmerized. He found himself starring into the angels eyes as his nose pressed firmly against the angels nose, at that time Nikki and the other female component stopped walking, the beautiful violin came to a screeching halt!! the color in the angles face turned a grayish color, the gray started to invade his face and, before they knew it, he was gray from his head down to his toes. He stopped breathing, as his lifeless body hit the the floor. A tear ran from Nikki's eye, she could hear her component behind her whimpering. The other angels detached themselves from the wall and flew over to the feast that lye before them. The angels gathered around him, they stood in a circle and gathered hands, they all bow there heads as a glow filled the circle, his soul begin to leave his lifeless body, it rose from the ground, a female angel flew in front of his soul and shoved it back down to the ground, she climbed on top of him and pinned him to the ground. Her appearance begin to change, her golden skin and glow became gray, her face became demonic, fangs hang from her mouth as they dripped with salvation, she forcefully inserted him into her, her moisture was as strong as battery acid, He let out a horrific roar!! Her breast bounced up and down and up and down as she devoured his soul, they all gather around as she rode him back and forth and back and forth. Now they were all taking turns on his soul, the sounds were excruciating. Nikki could hear her component breaking down in tears, she was becoming weak, well the angel rappers were busy, Nikki decided to console her component.


(Scared, whispering)

Hey back there, come closer... walk with

me, lets finish together, lets be each others

support, we gotta make it out of


Nikki felt heavy breathing against her neck and a cold sweaty hand grasping hers, Nikki let out a sigh of relief. Nikki looked to her side and was relieved, she felt strength run through her veins. They passed the group of angel rappers feasting on the blond haired man. They walk by fast.


(Whispering in Nikki's ear)

Lets run, lets just go.....

Nikki looked at her and nodded her head yes, at that point they dropped each others hand and darted down the hall, they ran and ran and ran until the point of exhaustion, they started to see a small white light shinning in the mist of the golden glow, they were coming upon and end to the golden tunnel, they were out of breath, the violins started again and a glowing beautiful angel appeared before them,the angel got very close, she floated in the middle of the two of them, she uncoiled her wings and extended one to each of us. Nikki moves her arm so her wing wouldn't touch, her component saw the angels wings come towards her.


(Echoing voice)

come with me...come with me...

Not wanting the angels wing to come any closer, she swatted out of fear, losing her balance and tripping over her shoe, her shoulder landed in the center of the angels chest, she became stuck. The angel spread her wings wide and brought them down low and wrapped them around her into a coil. The beautiful golden glow left the angels body as she became gray in color. Nikki stopped running from exhaustion, she almost passed out. Nikki watched as the angel decingrated her components body, horrible screams filled her ears as the flesh eating slime on the inside of her wings down her flesh and bones. The angel opened her wings wide as her crushed bones hit the ground covered in a thick slime. Her spirit rose from the ground into the air, the other angel rappers flew over and piled on top of her and devoured her in a corner. Nikki caught her breath and decided to run like hell, Nikki toke off running as fast as she could. The soft white light was becoming bigger and brighter. Nikki could visibly see the end of the hall, she heard something floating above her, but they weren't quick enough, Nikki had already crossed into the white light, she hit the ground with exhaustion, she pulled up from the ground and sat up, there was an angel floating on the golden side, We just stare at each other she couldn't cross, Nikki was looking back which was forbidden. Nikki was no longer in the golden tunnel. The angel spread her wings and flew back into the tunnel. Nikki laid on her back to catch her breath, she cried as the tears rolled down the side of her face, the glowing white light became thicker and thicker Nikki's head begin to tingle, the whirlwinds came and whisked her away.

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