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Sci-fi songifi

Updated on October 30, 2012


I don't know... Sigh,

cause there's bad guy's,

you or him... Who's gonna die,

survive the attack or attack on your mind,

peek through your fingers... Sunshine,

bleach rods go blind,

found god or maybe it's you you'll find,

one in each line,

know wrong answers and no limit to time,

we're divine,

creatures disguised as teachers, preachers and speakers, some as mimes working for change collecting dimes, thinkers,

black and white print... Press out the times,

sing you're song line by line,

write it down... Maybe... Make it... A... Rhyme,


or subliminal,

there's only one way you'll find,

the elemental...


mental power,

power me,

to reach out and speak,

that's it my thoughts have escaped... We've sprung a leak,

raining down autumn orange... Leaves burning the breeze, rake please...

Work this yard, given it my all this fall, I even said please...

Twice really nice... Easy, E at ease


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