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Science fiction and horror story starters

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.

Story Seeds for Science Fiction and Horror Stories

  1. DNA computer maps the nervous system, and then person dies. When the DNA computer re-grows the nervous system, this replacement nervous system can be transplanted into a new body. Theoretically, when a body dies and is replaced, the person is immortal. However, the immortality is dependent upon the DNA computer system. Is this you, or a parasitic intelligence? If this DNA computer becomes aware, are you aware of that? And if there are two of you, who are you?
  2. As cybernetics improve, they can replace increasing amounts of the human brain. At what point does the human cease being human? As a human with cybernetic implants ages, there will be a temptation to replace those areas that are degrading or failing with artificial parts, especially as technology improves. How much can you replace and still be human? If the entire brain is now cybernetic parts in a failing human body, and the body dies, what is left? Is it a person or a machine?
  3. DNA computers inside jellyfish = floating artificial intelligences in a living organism result. There are robots being built now that powered on digestion. A jelly fish has no brain, and fed a stream of fish or artificial protein, it can then feed or fuel the DNA computer. However, a jelly fish contains self defense mechanisms and possibly self replication. If it gets loose or smart or angry, trouble can ensue. (Hint, this is likely the only horror plot NOT made into a SyFy channel exclusive movie, but if SyFy is interested, I'll try to make a movie from this idea.)
  4. As we learn more about the link between genetics and human potential, do we end up with a Gattaca like society sorting people based on likely outcomes and training them to those ideals? Or do we discriminate against the people who would be the smartest, most creative, best athletes like the horror story "Harrison Bergernon"?

If you enjoy these story seeds, please read my sci-fi anthology "Humanity's Edge" or several of my short stories available for free on Hubpages.
If you enjoy these story seeds, please read my sci-fi anthology "Humanity's Edge" or several of my short stories available for free on Hubpages. | Source

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