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Scorpion's Vengeance "Line"

Updated on March 24, 2019
lawrence01 profile image

Action adventure stories are my favourite, I love reading them, and recently I discovered I love writing them!

From the previous, "Ever hear of a guy called Serkhov"?

“You said he was told to, who by?”

“His boss” Joey replied, “the one pulling the strings here in London, and the one who controls the mole we’re after.”

“A mole?”

“Yep” Sandy answered as the Land Rover accelerated, most ‘Lannies’ have the acceleration of a dead snail, they have lots of power, but it’s all for hauling heavy loads over uneven ground, this one was different, it had plenty of ‘get up and go’ they were flying along at just over the seventy miles an hour speed limit, “Ever heard of a guy by the name of Alexei Serkhov?”

Innocent looking

so innocent looking, and so deadly to the prey!
so innocent looking, and so deadly to the prey! | Source

How not to get caught, have people 'on the inside'

There was silence for the rest of the trip, Billie sat there wondering just what the hell it was these people were doing? Serkhov was one of the most ‘connected’ people in London, sure he was suspected in a number of things, but nothing was ever proved, and anything that seemed to link him with anything just ‘disappeared’ without any trace or record.

“How’d you folks come across Serkhov?” she asked as they slowed to merge into the inner city traffic.

“Bit of a story really” Sandy replied, “and we can’t tell you all of it, let’s just say his phone number keeps coming up in the wrong places” she slowed down for a roundabout, watching the traffic from the right she merged into it, Joey pointed to the second exit, they were heading for the centre of the city, she went on, “but we can tell you he’s the one ordered the hit on Akbari and tried to make something unpleasant happen to the hacker who stopped the virus a couple of days ago,” she said it as if it was a matter of public record.

“And you know this because?” ever the copper Billie wanted hard facts.

“Want to listen to the conversation?” Joey asked as he reached forward, tapping the something on the dashboard the CD player came to life, the voice was Serkhov’s but she couldn’t really tell what he was saying, it was in a foreign language, “That’s Russian, here’s the English translation” he flicked a switch, “we’ve got both recorded, compliments of Google by the way”

“You TAPPED HIS PHONE?” Billie was incredulous, she saw any chance they ever had of a prosecution disappearing in the mist almost as fast as it’d seemingly appeared.

“For your information, Cheltenham listens in on all phone conversations within the UK” Sandy replied, “so relax, and no it wasn’t them, they farm it out to a friend, and it was them that told us, not that it’s going to come out in court anyway!”

“But you had his bloody phone tapped” Bille’s voice wasn’t quite shouting, but wasn’t far off it, “Do you have any idea how many laws you’ve broken?’

“Not one” Joey replied, he turned to face Bille, “Look, we got the number when we took a drug ring in New Zealand apart a few weeks ago, he thought he was being smart switching SIM cards and the like, even using a frequency hopper, but we identified him, and he’s since confirmed it with what he’s been doing”

“But how?” Billie began again, “I mean how come?”

“How come he hasn’t been caught?” Sandy asked, “Simple really, he’s got someone on the inside, a mole within the intelligence community, someone at MI6 is how!”

Joey with a plan? that has to be dangerous!

“So what’s the plan now?” she was dubious that any plan was going to have much traction, “what hair-brained scheme do you have in mind? Whatever it is, it’s probably going to finish our careers!”

“In case you haven’t noticed” Joey replied as he got out of the car, he turned and leaned back in, “We’re officially ‘gone rogue’ and your went into the proverbial toilet the moment you went down the West Country, now we can argue about this all bloody day, or we can get some real work done, which one is it?”

“So, what’s your plan?”

“You walk up and tell them you want to speak to Serkhov” Sandy replied as she got out of the car, all three had taken their flak jackets and body armour off before starting the trip, both Billie and Sandy looked like professional businesspeople, Joey looked casually dressed. “Leave the rest to Joey, by the way, I’m Sandy, you may as well know that much about us”

“You’re honestly expecting them to show us in?” she couldn’t help asking.

“No” Joey replied, “if they do I’ll be really disappointed, I need a good workout, now let’s get on with it.”

“Are you bloody serious?” Billie spurted out, Joey was half out of the car, “I’ve heard of hair-brained schemes, but this is bloody ridiculous! We need backup!”

“Go ahead” Joey replied, “give your boss a call, tell him what’s gone on, and see what happens, my guess is ‘jack shit’ is what'll transpire!” he sounded angry.

“He’s right” Sandy was also climbing out of the car, “Townsend is a career climber,” she turned and looked directly at Billie, there was a look that said ‘you know we’re right’ that Billie couldn’t deny, they were right, Detective Chief Inspector Townsend had only ever taken on cases he knew he could solve, and that would enhance his career, all the others, the real police work, ended up with those he didn’t like.

“Actually, call the local nick, tell them ‘officer needs assistance, armed thugs in Chelsea” Joey came back, “this is going to get violent, and the sooner we get armed cops here the better” he began to walk towards the two men, that’s when she noticed he was carrying a sidearm, it was in a holster, but the holster was unclipped.

A plan?

Coming together at last?
Coming together at last? | Source

"You need an appointment!"

“I need to talk with Alexei Serkhov” she shouted as she trotted past Joey, the two thugs slowly turned to face her, “I’m with the Metropolitan pol”

“So what?” the nearest one sneered as he faced her, he was about four inches taller and a foot wider than she was, it was all gristle, but he liked to think of it as muscle, “You have an appointment?”

“I’m with the Metropolitan police” she replied, “I don’t need an”

“Piss off” he cut her off, “make an appointment” he turned to watch the rest of the street ignoring her and Sandy.

“Stand aside” Sandy spoke for the first time in the exchange, we’re going to see Mr Serkhov”

“Piss off bitch” the first one moved to block her, he stood there seemingly immovable, the second guy had moved into a position to back up his mate, he’d also drawn his jacket back slightly not quite exposing the pistol he had, but making it easier to get to.

Appointment made, Joey style!

“Police business” Bille began again, “stand aside, we want to”

“I told you to piss off” the big guy went to grab Billie’s arm as she pushed past.

Billie didn’t see the move, all she was was a flash as Joey reached out, grabbed the arm, twisted almost to breaking point and lifted him straight up, as soon as he was six inches off the ground Joey pushed hard sending the guy flying into his mate why had his pistol half out of the holster, the weapon went off harmlessly, the bullet embedding itself in the garden just behind him, Joey deliberately didn’t draw his weapon.

“Armed police, stay right where you are!” a voice from the street screamed, they looked round to see two squad cars already in the street, ‘bit quick off the mar boys and girls’ Joey thought, but he wasn’t arguing, another voice, one she knew well said, “I was told you’d be here soon, and to have backup, but I didn’t think you’d try and take on the whole bloody Russian mafia!” It was Jimmy.

“Thanks, Jimmy” Billie was more confused than ever, ‘how the hell did he know to be here, and to bring armed cops?’ but she wasn’t going to complain.

Sandy and Joey were already moving inside, but they were only a couple of steps ahead of her, they were heading into the main entrance, a couple more thugs were making their way towards them.

“Police” she held up her badge for them to see, “Where’s Mr Serkhov?” she dangled the badge right in front of their noses, neither of them seemed too impressed, then two of the armed police came through the door, alert, but not menacing, “I said where’s Serkhov?” she raised her voice slightly, a slight twitch from one of the men gave his location away.

Joey ran towards what looked like a locked door, he didn’t even try to open it, a flying kick and the door flew open, the door jamb splintering as it gave way to nearly one hundred and ten kilogrammes or two hundred and forty pounds of muscle.

Serkhov was sat at his desk, phone in hand, he was pushing keys on the phone, “Put the phone down NOW” Joey screamed as he drew his weapon from its a holster, he aimed at Serkhov, a click told them the safety catch was off, “PUT the phone down NOW”

“It’s a phone” Serkhov began gently lowering the phone, “not a gun” he was shocked. “Who the F”

“It could also be a remote detonator” Joey replied still in the position to shoot, “Now put it down before I blow your sodding arm off!”

From the Author

Is it possible? Have they tracked the killer down and dealt with the situation? Something tells me there might be a few twists still to come, but for them I'm sorry but you're going to have to wait until next week.

Meanwhile, life here is slowly getting back to some semblance of what things were before, they'll never be totally the same, but I'm not sure we'd want that.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers in the last week.



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    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      3 weeks ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      Sorry, didn't get the chance to post this week, I'm going to try and rectify that as soon as I can.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      3 weeks ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Okay. So, what happens next?. Hanging patiently again. Thanks, Lawrence.

    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      4 weeks ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      Spot on! A bull in a china shop, that's what he is, and its needed

    • lawrence01 profile imageAUTHOR

      Lawrence Hebb 

      4 weeks ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      Now that would be telling, wouldn't it? All I can say is you don't get away with things like this for long, and especially not with someone like Billie!

      Glad you're enjoying the series.


    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 weeks ago from Olympia, WA

      Joey is my kind of characters. Full speed ahead, bull in a china shop kind of person. Love it!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 weeks ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I sure like this series. For some reason I can't remember what Joey looks like. I am sure you told us before but I can't picture him now. I wonder if Billie will ever get a clue about the law and these guys.


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