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Scott Jackson's Premeditated Success Book Review

Updated on September 2, 2012

Make It A Year For Lasting Change

Care to crack the code of Your Life ? This dynamic book allows you to do so ! During our lives many of us have aspired to better ourselves in one way or another. Personally I found many of these books or seminars a bit to long winded or boring for me. This was until I read Scott Jackson's Book; Premeditated Success In Life, The Power Of Personal Vision. While reading this book you will develop the ability to layout a blueprint path set within your own personal constraints. Jackson reviews such issues as Illusion of Helplessness and Cycles Of Problems. These are issues in all our lives, however his basic "winning the game of life" approach makes interesting, fun reading. An excellent dynamic of take all what will help us all-along with his good sense of humor, makes this an enjoyable read.

Here are just a few examples of what I took from reading Premeditated Success;

In my mind I have the ability to apply the laws of the universe in my life .

I have the ability to enjoy each moment of life to its fullest and to live my life to its full potential. I have the ability to manifest these things by following the instructions in Scott's book..

Following Scott Jackson's instructions I had immediate results, and in my changing every day life I in some way attempt to re-dedicate myself to his ideas.

In life I'm a very lucky person. For the most part I'm successful in the material values in what our society considers to be important. This includes a good job, a roof over my head and a good lively hood. HOWEVER after I read this book it allowed me to bring my life to the next level. For Real- as I mentioned --It allowed me to crack the code and ENJOY life !


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