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Scott's Odyssey Part 2

Updated on February 20, 2010

"Lynn don't look so sad, you are home, and you will fine."

"What about Sue, Joe and Kori? They must be so, so Oh my God." I plopped down where I was and put my head in my hands. Before I knew it I was in my big backyard again and I saw my house and there were many people inside. It seemed exactly as it was on Earth. I couldn't help it.

I ran up to the porch and prayed that Sue, Kori and Joe would be in the house. As I walked into the screened room I could feel the difference, it wasn't the same. There were a lot of people there. I had to get out. I stepped onto the red brick in the back yard and tried to catch my breath. I walked out into the open area of the backyard. There was a bench out facing the river and my mom was sitting there quietly waiting for me. I sat down beside her and did not speak. I just watched the river flow and tried not to think of my family who had to be in so much pain.

"Can I go back and see them?" I asked.

"Yes, you can but it is sometimes worse to see them in such a heavy state. They are in deep grief right now you know? They are in the place of emotional hurt that is so hard for them. They will never be the same again. But death is so much a part of life, it makes it so rich, it makes it so valuable." She was getting inspired as she spoke, but stopped herself. I only gazed at her trying to understand the gravity of my new position. I was free. I had spent a good part of my life devoted to understanding the truth, and wanting to know what the other side was. Now that I was face to face with it- I missed all those who stood by my side on my journey.

"You will see them again, but not in the time and space that you knew them on Earth. The souls that you knew on Earth were not small players, they have been with you in all ways and directions. Many of the things you read on Earth were right Lynn."

"Scotty!!! Hey my friend!!!" I heard my name and an excited familiar voice behind be coming from the direction of the house. As I turned I glimpsed the sky and it seemed to flicker into a aqua-violet- brillant color I'd never seen before.

"Top o' de mornin to ya!!! hey Scotty!!! Just as I stood up the man practically knocked me down again with a big bear hug. He wasn't letting go either. I could not help but smile and feel that I knew this crazy character. He was short medium build with red firey hair and his lauph seemed to be from his heart. He had an Irish accent that I thought I knew.

"Do I know you friend?" I asked.

"of course ye do, ya old buggar, I am the voice in your head all those years, trying to help you on your path." he explained.

I smiled but was confused and it must of showed on my face. We sat down on the bench and he began.

"I am one of your guides, well I am the main one, who is responsible for helping you attain what your blueprint detailed before you left for Earth. Doesn't my voice sound familar?" he asked with such longing and intensity.

"I do know you but I am not sure from where. Things have been quite intense for me." I said with as much respect as I could muster.

"Oh yes enough about me. Come and rest. We will have a gathering tomorrow to honor your arrival. It is time for you to rest and what a beautiful place you have created for yourself. This one was my favorite, well no the one in Grass Valley was so wonderful too. This was different- very relaxing for the age that you had on Earth. Ya know you were really good at creating an atmosphere that matched who you were. I think I might have suceeded in helping you with that. Ok!!! Yes!! enough That's it- my old friend needs his rest." the Irish man said as he delivered me to my room. There were no people left in the house. I was very depleted, it seemed I had exhausted myself when I was on Earth. My guide said many people spent a lot of time resting when they returned from Earth. So sleep came like a gift and I took it greedily.


I walked alone. I slept a lot. It seemed as if I had become so heavy on Earth I forgot so many things about my true self. The great thing about this place is that if you did walk around alone, you really weren't completely alone. Sometimes I would have conversations with my mom, but we would not have to be in the same physical space. Sometimes I would imagine myself somewhere more peaceful than where I was walking and then I would arrive at a place were their were other souls soaking up the peaceful atmosphere. It is hard to explain. What happened as I learned to trust my feelings was that I did not feel any real negative emotions. I was free from everything that once worried me.


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