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Screeching Silence

Updated on May 3, 2016

When my blue skies turned gray right before my eyes and my cloud 9 drifted away, patience no longer had a name. When hopes and dreams seemed to fade and my heart stopped in confusions way, my mind began to play tricks on me.

Screeching silence, you have come for me, and I have allowed you to take me away. I am now in that place, lead by the unforeseen, consumed by chaos without meaning, frightened that I will become trapped and loose my acquired personality, sanity, individual self-sufficient being. Screeching silence, please leave.

Trouble don't last always, is how the song sings, but in reality it can't dismiss me. I have fallen down so many times only to remain standing. I have failed at being perfect, only because no one can be that. I have given up on so many things, but at the same time continued to strive. I have lost touch with what nature provides. I have cried a stream of bitter tears only to find my river filled with all the things that I once understood, love and freedom, happiness and all things good.

Screeching silence, you have come for me, and I have allowed you to take me away. I beg you to explain to me how I've gotten to this place, why didn't you allow me to stop along the way? Was this journey necessary for me to take? Will it, when it comes to an end have more meaning than when it began? Will it carry me to life's lost wonderland?

As I travel this long winding road, guide me by the hand, as if I were a child again until I have a plan. Keep me safe when I hear in my mind the things that aren't really there. Hold me in your arms when my heart is filled with fear. Kiss me softly in the night when my dreams replace my tears.

Copyright 2012. Marcella Woodson-Ursery


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