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Scribble- a stranger

Updated on October 11, 2016

Scribble-the memories of a stranger


Every scribble on my notepad,
Every writing that to my collection add,
Each and every of my work dedicated to you,
Still what you make me feel is still due,

Not once, not twice, every time did I write,
Every time the poet in me used all his might,
Do you know how my heart to your heart did merge,
Whenever you're away how strongly my pen to ne urge?

When is sin did you meet you I hold your hand,
Together we both could travel to the Dreamland,
The place where every smile would be left out of every frown,
The place where a princess to you, I would crown,

I would be a pillar of support and a mind to give advice,
In return for everything I do, your smile is my only price,
While in your memories, teardrops from my eyes will dribble,
All I can do is sit here, and on my notepad make another scribble...


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