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Searching for Forgiveness

Updated on December 13, 2015

Searching my soul

For the grace to be in your presence

After knowing what you had done to me

So many years ago

Memories are still fresh

The emotions are still raw

Was introduced to violence

By your very demanding hands

Bruises have faded

But the scars are still there

Abuse and neglect

Was my reality

While I was in your care

Time has passed and you have learned

To have your rage under control

Now it is time for me

Not to look over my shoulder anymore

No more are the threats

That had trapped me before

If don’t allow the forgiveness

To be my heart

Then the scars that remain

Will haunt me for life

So I choose to forgive

Although I will never forget

I can find a better tomorrow

A brighter reality

Is in my sight


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