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Viking horizon

Updated on March 20, 2013
Vikings coming up the river
Vikings coming up the river | Source
'The Viking battle'
'The Viking battle' | Source


As I look across ,this amazing sea

misty ,shimmering horizon

mystifies me

as I ponder those years ago

when Viking ships and oarsmen wrestled with the stormy waves

and the clouds clinging round those Welsh peaks

to my imagination does amaze

as their wooden craft steered into the River Dee

in their hundreds towards our coast did come

berthing against the craggy rocks

assembling on the golden sands

planning their battles with their

warrior hands

looking up at the cliffs above

a tough climb to come

to claim this land not yet won

as they climbed

with axe and sword on their backs

sweat and blistered covered skin

grabbing the last craggy rock with burdened hand

hours later fighting for this foreign land

Anglo Saxons massed all around

suddenly the air missed not a sound

all figures in thousands stood

facing enemy soon covered in blood

the battle commenced withs screams and cries

yells and shouts

"to what end is this demise"

"our children and wifes are fretting at home"

now we are in battle

yet all alone

as axes and swords did rage and wave

the ringing sounds of sparking metal

arms and legs

fell from the brave

as two enemies beside each other lie

taking last breaths

before they die

the blood runs across the emerald grass

the tears soak in the soil so brown.

As evening fell the battles still rage

the axes and knives

fall to their grave

this battlefied

still grows

the emerald grass

and still wonders

why those men did amass

©CFBarnes 2013


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    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. A wonderful tale of Vikings in poetic form. Loved this and passing it on.

    • lupine profile image

      lupine 5 years ago from Southern California (USA)

      Very descriptive...a whole story told. Great imagination!

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Interesting. It reminded me that the Wooden Boat Festival is on in Tasmania and one is a Viking replica built in Russia. It took two years to sail it to Tasmania and it arrived just in time to take part in the festivities.