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Second Journal Entry of Dagda's Bowl

Updated on July 1, 2013
I am the great God, Dagda
I am the great God, Dagda
I protect the cycles of nature in my realm of Magic
I protect the cycles of nature in my realm of Magic | Source

My first attempt at alliance has been rebuffed as expected.

I could wish that I had not given the power of Magic to non-magical mortals. They seemed so powerless and helpless. I watched as they died as a result of the simplest of problems such as inadequate warmth or lack of food. I knew I could ensure their survival by granting access to magic. The least of Magic’s powers easily circumvented their previously dire issues. However, I learned to my chagrin, that I have no jurisdiction unless they choose me as their deity. Consequently, my will has very little impact upon them.

I require that all Magic respect the cycles of Nature. I have informed my clerics that spells which disrupt nature would have severe side effects. Yes, I claimed credit for Celeste’s manipulation of Nature, but really, mortals don’t have to know everything. Mortals are like children. If they knew the Gods did not agree, then they would be continually pitting us against each other. A mortal’s personality determines which deity he follows.

Dagda, the God of Magic
Dagda, the God of Magic | Source

However, I digress. My current frustration stems from my meeting with Celeste. Let me recount the events while they are still fresh in my memory. I know that Celeste refreshes herself each morning by attending to the Great Gardens. I hoped in such a peaceful glade she would be willing to hear me out. Now, I must admit that I do not cut an impressive figure. Magic drains my reserves constantly so I have a sickly appearance. I stand as tall as most Gods, but my skin is bleached in appearance and I remain extremely skinny. I have heard myself referred to as the “spider god” by those of little merit or wit. Still, Celeste’s expression upon my entering the Garden reminded me again of my lack of appealing physical attributes. I ignored the slight as immaterial and greeted her in my usual courtly manner.

Celeste, the Goddess of Magic
Celeste, the Goddess of Magic

“Blessings be to you, Goddess of Nature, on this fine morning.”

“To you, as well, I’m sure,” She stated lightly and then turned back to her work, clearly dismissing me.

“I wish to speak to you about this division between us. Surely we can find a way to work together to heal our differences.”

She stiffened at my approach and turned to me with eyes of fire. “You dare to speak of ‘healing our differences’ after what your Magic has wrought?” She flicked her hand at the tree she had been tending and a portal appeared within the green leaves. The green leaves dissolved in an image of a desolate land burned of all life.

Fire stole the Mage's life and destroyed the surrounding forest
Fire stole the Mage's life and destroyed the surrounding forest | Source

“Look at what one Magic user has done in a moment of fear.” The portal swirled and changed its image. Now, a young elf mage stood with his back against a tree fighting off a dozen human bandits. With a look of desperation, the elf casts far beyond his strength. He loses control of a fire spell that he had meant to target the bandits. The fire catches immediately on every surface surrounding him. The mage and the human bandits perish in the blaze as it surges uncontrollably.

“Only with my direct intervention did this fire cease burning. A fire made by Magic which is your sphere.” She jabbed my chest with one pointed finger with each pronouncement. “I do not blame the elf; he was young and scared. You and your Magic gave him access to power he could not control.” As she turns away from you again, she announces: “ Magic destroys whatever Nature it touches. It has no regard for the cycles of life and death which should govern our world. Alliance between us is impossible for our two spheres strive against each other in order to survive.” She finished speaking and disappeared, leaving me alone in the Garden.

The mage was a follower of Corellon and thus outside my influence and knowledge
The mage was a follower of Corellon and thus outside my influence and knowledge | Source

A follower of Corellon

The mage had been a follower of Corellon, The God of Elves, and thus I had had no knowledge of his tragedy. I spoke with Corellon about him. His soul had been so tortured by the destruction of the forest that he could find no peace. Corellon had allowed him to be reborn so that the spirit might make amends for the damage he had done. Perhaps giving non-magical creatures access to Magic had been wrong. They seem to have no idea of the strength of the power that they use.


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