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Secret Admirer Part 3

Updated on July 14, 2010

Secret Admirer Part 3

Yvonne dreaded the Monday morning staff meetings and secretly wished it was reduced to once a month on Fridays and at Applebee’s. That way she could replace her Monday morning aspirin with a Strawberry Daiquiri. Yvonne was already working on her second cup of coffee when Annie pops her head in side Yvonne’s cubical. “Are you ready, Sweetie?”

“Sure!” Yvonne tried to answer Annie’s enthusiasm.

Yvonne grabs her pen, clipboard and extra breath mints for Stinky Steve then heads down the hall to the boardroom.

The boardroom was decorated as elaborately as the front offices of the Director and the Assistant Director. The marble top extra long table could easily seat 50 or more people and the matching high back cushy chairs hugged the body making it a little harder to concentrate on the meeting. Yvonne motioned for Annie to quickly sit by her in effort to fill the seat before Stinky Steve arrived. Annie intentionally sat across from Yvonne as to enjoy her misery as Stinky Steve wonders in late and finds the empty chair beside Yvonne. Yvonne curses Annie beneath her breath, ‘Nasty Ass heifer!’ Annie makes faces then giggles. Yvonne reaches in her pocket to retrieve the mints then strategically places them between her and Steve. Steve’s smell was unique and contained the essence of burnt plastic and piss, his clothes were unpressed and his red hair sat wiry and unkempt.

Yvonne’s supervisor Dana walks in and is followed by a petite oriental man with salt and pepper hair and a brush mustache. Dana takes her place at the head of the table but remains standing, the oriental gentleman sits in the only empty seat to Dana’s left. “I want you to meet Dr. Soen Foonji Chin. He is the Assistant to Dr. James Underwood our Director of the B&P Western Division of Galveston Texas and we feel very honored to have Dr. Chin here. Dr. Chin and Dr. Underwood will be bringing with them over 14 Center for Disease Control (CDC) accounts and 10 National Institute of Health (NIH) Grants. Now, I want each of you to introduce yourselves and give a brief description of your job duties.”

“Man! Is she kidding? There has to be over 50 people in here and it’s hot, I’m sweating!” Steve says while helping himself to an extra mint.

Just as the introduction line makes its way around the table and reaches Steve there was a knock on the conference room door then in walks a Chocolate Adonis! He looked as if he has just been peeled off the pages of GQ Magazine. Yvonne felt her heart racing and her palms became sweaty. All eyes followed him as Dana stepped to the side to allow Dr. Underwood to take her place at the head of the table. His eyes are deep set, his skin is unblemished, and every hair is neatly in place. Although his suite is a tailored cut his tight physique is apparent as he unbuttons his jacket and places a confident hand on his hip. Yvonne had seen this handsome creature somewhere before, maybe on TV? “I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Dr. James Underwood, Director of the Western half of the Breast and Prostate Cancer Divisions. You’ve met my Colleague Dr. Soen Foonji Chin. I’m sure Dana has told you that our labs in Galveston were destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina. This brings us here to your fine University”

Steve quietly giggles, “That’s not a name easily swallowed, Foonji Chin?”

Dr. Underwood continues, “I won’t keep you I know you’re in the middle of a staff meeting. I did want to mention that we will need a hand in getting our accounts set up and in learning your SAP system. To my understanding Dana has already selected the two Staff Officers. Who are they again, Dana?”

Dana chimes in, “Uh, I was thinking Annie Wilson and Yvonne Beatty would be perfect for the job.”

Yvonne almost choked on her mint. This means she would work directly with the new director. She wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. She knew he had already sparked a response in her she couldn’t control and she knew it was necessary to remain professional and distant. ‘Yeah! That’s it, distant.’

“Is that ok with you, Annie?” Dr. Underwood was looking directly at Yvonne.

Yvonne chokes out a response, “Yes, but I’m Yvonne, she’s Annie” Yvonne points across the table at Annie who is making faces then everyone around the table chuckles.

After the meeting Yvonne approaches Dana. “Dana, I’m not so sure this is a good idea for me to take on additional accounts right now. I’ve got a full plate and our NAB account will be up for renewal soon.”

“Yvonne, relax… Dr. Underwood has requested you personally to work on his accounts. I’m sure you will do just fine. You always do. And besides, if things work out this could mean a promotion for you.”

Yvonne can see the intensity in Dana’s eyes and answers in a robotic voice, “Consider it done.”

When Yvonne arrives back at her cubical a plain white envelope with no writing has been placed in her chair. Yvonne quickly looks over her shoulder to be sure she is alone then peals the corner of the envelope open to find a neatly folded note and paper clipped to the note is a single concert ticket that reads:

“ BoyZ II Men

Singletary Center for the Arts Concert Hall

7:30 pm December 19th

The note was hand written with a brief message non poetic. “Yvonne, be ready at 7:00, I’ll send my car for you. Your Secret Admirer to be revealed.”

With butterflies in her stomach, a frog in her throat and clouds in her head Yvonne hold tightly to the ticket and re-reads the note, again and again and again…

Please bare with me, I promise there is only one more Installment of the Secret Admirer. I've enjoyed writing it, hope you've enjoyed reading it.

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    • profile image

      Allie 7 years ago

      Wow! Good stories. Very entertaining. You should be getting paid for for these stories! You are a great writer. Why havn't you submitted these to Red Book, Ophra, Ebony, Essence somebody anybody and get paid some real $$. I just hope there is a happy ending.

    • profile image

      Number 4 8 years ago

      What a MIND YCB! So Sinkum is still alive and well!

    • profile image

      Big Nefew G 8 years ago

      You are truely crazy, I like this alot, the style.... lets say humorous mystery. good job I can't wait for the next one

    • profile image

      Michael Phillips 8 years ago

      This has shapped up into a real story. I'm proud of you. Now if we could figure out a way to make real money... LOL Keep going, Girl... You have my support.


    • profile image

      Alyson 8 years ago

      Good writing Yvonne!