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Secret Deal

Updated on May 14, 2011

And then it happened....

“And from this moment you are free Mrs. Chakraborty” – the lawyer said with a sigh of relief.

“Thanks Raj – thanks for whatever you have done.. thanks for all your support ! “

Polashpriya looked deeply into the lawyer’s eyes. Those brown eyes set deeply gazed at her as if gauging her while almost crushing her. Without moving his eyes from her’s Deshraj said – ‘ do not thank me polash…. I wanted to set u free so I supported you throughout”

“Yes after all I was innocent “- said polash. Her voice almost faded away.

“Sh sh sh sh……. Polash do not befool me! I knew you poisoned him. I knew from the beginning that it was you who killed your husband with that deadly poison but I did not reveal!”

“Stop it ! You are making these up. Leave my hand … let me go”. Polash tried to brush off Deshraj’s hand.

“Why are you in a hurry Polash? None knows that you killed your husband. Its only me who knows and now if you think that I am day dreaming then for you my sweetheart I present this!” Deshraj handed Polash her big brown diary where all the details are silhouetted in detail. Almost again snatching away the diary from polash, Deshraj smiled at her.

“So Mrs Chakraborty.. would u care to sign a secret deal or you would prefer me to reopen the case and this time with this diary?

“One minute.. so its money what you want right ?” Polash said with clenched teeth

“Not here young lady, let’s go somewhere to talk business”. Deshraj said and walked towards his car.

“Hop in lady !” Like a zombie Polash followed Deshraj. How far is your home from this place? Deshraj asked

“20 minutes drive” - Polash answered curtly

“Okay .. we are going at your place. I am sure you will feel good there. Deshraj said as he pressed the accelerator”. The car moved towards whilst wounding the silence.

“Nice House Polash. You never told me before that you stay in such a mansion!” Deshraj was moving from one room to the other his eyes scanning everything

On the dark brown sofa Polash sat like a painting. Her knee length white dress hugged her while delineating her well shaped 30 years youth. Her auburn hair hanging loosely while her arm resting at her lap.

“Deshraj…. Why are you doing this to me?”

“Hang on young lady I am not doing anything I just have a secret deal for you!”

“Okay! How much is it ? “ Polash asked restlessly

“I want to marry you ! Yes Polash my deal is to marry you and then you have to kill me as you did it with Ron, your husband.”

“You must be crazy Deshraj!”- Polash stood up from the couch

“I am not , Tell me do u agree ? or u want me to reopen the file?” Asked Deshraj

“Scotch ? “ Polash asked with her brows raised

“Yes on rocks—“

“Give me 5 mints.”. Polash drifted to the bedroom where a new bottle of scotch is still lying untouched.

“Here u go .. On rocks!” In the lightlessness with the glass in her hand, Polash was looking like a mermaid, a fairy who has lost the key of her cloudpalace!.

“Thanks !” Deshraj took the glass from her hand . “So tell me/ .Do u agree to marry me? “He asked while lowering his voice almost to a whisper.

“Do I have any other choice ? “ Looking outside the window Polash said. Her voice almost inaudible.

“But can u tell me why u want to marry you. U know the truth that I poisoned Ron and that too I wanted it so. Why you want to marry me?” Polash asked.

“To taste madness, Polash, to live dangerously. I mean it! I am tired of controlling myself, my senses, my desires .. now I want to taste your madness. I want to experience how it feels to live on the edge of to be or not to be! Marry me! Deshraj looked at Polash with an eye of an insane”.

It was in the pitch darkness Polash was lying on bed with her eyes wide open. Gazing at the endless horizon from the 14th floor window she was waiting for the unexpected to happen. Each night she felt him so near… yet so far. Each night she felt him crushing her from within yet whenever she tried to hold him tight it seemed as if he slipped away!

Their marriage is a secret deal and submitting themselves into the excitement of a dangerous game is indeed the part of the deal. The game is to scare each other to death. This is how they survive, each night every night, night after night ! With bated breath Polash waited for Deshraj to come.

“There you go my pretty lady ! Looking so stunning.!” . Deshraj ran his fingers through her thick brown hair. .

“For you Deshraj I can die a million time! “ Polash looked at Deshraj and with the brand new blade she slash opened her wrist. Blood gushed out while making her face to curve in pain.

“But I am not scared Polash, Try something new!” Deshraj said with a half smile cruelly hanging on his lips. “And now it’s my turn. What say my beloved ? “ He came closer to her, the deadly smell of his Brute 33 almost chocked her.

Yes it’s your turn! Polash crashed on the bed yet again, with his wrist still oozing those red warm drops.

“Today we will play a new game, Russian roulette” Deshraj said while locking his eyes with hers.

“Now, what game is that ? “ Polash quizzically looked at Deshraj

It’s the game of chance, the game of luck! Ha ha ha – Deshraj laughed a pitiless hoot.

‘Be explicit’ – Polash gathered herself as she prepared to play the new game. Although she denies yet deep in her heart she has started loving this strange concept of living dangerously. Tasting life while standing at the edge of ‘to be or not to be’!

“What’s that ? a revolver ? “ Polash looked at that little machine with awe as Deshraj pulled the little shiny revolver out,

Yes honey it’s a revolver. We will play the Russian roulette. Deshraj put a cartridge on some of the chambers in the revolver. He spun the cylinder and then closed it.

“What are u doing Raj? “ Polash asked, her voice slightly trembled in unforeseen fear.

Honey this is a loaded revolver and instead of 6 bullets there is just one cartridge. Mind u I have spun the slot before closing it so we do not know in which slot the bullet is.Now the game begins. We will ask each other a question and each one of us has to answer the truth while aiming the gun at our temple and then we have to pull the trigger. We will take the risk of dying once we get the loaded shot. None knows who and when but any one of us might die!

“So let’s start!” Deshraj switched off the lights while leaving the corner red stand light. The room was looking warm. The rich red ruddy illumination from the corner standing light created a magical ambience of light and shade.

They both sat facing each other and started to play! With each false shot they felt the excitement of living dangerously. Perhaps they waited for that one last shot which can stop all futile longings, which can put an end to all earthly pain, worries, tears and fears. The game went on in the midst of the lightlessness of that 14th floor.


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