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Secret World The Space Between Lovers

Updated on May 28, 2011

Secret World Live

Sue & Scott Fitch- Creators of a Secret World

Back in the day- Sue and Scott
Back in the day- Sue and Scott

Secret World

Secret World

Lovers or couples are so close, bits of them disappear into a space that forms between them- this space between is called the Secret World.

- Peter Gabriel

The Secret World is born between a poet and a word,

A space of mystical, enigmatic air

creates unusual particles.

What escapes into reality from a sacred space in time?

Mystery or the eternal seeking gravity.

I slipped from your secret world like a lucid dream

Strange new obscure.

Did I listen through the sacred water?

Forming in her yet he was the origin...

the pieces of each kept disappearing into me.

Through the muted love I heard..

Whispers at night

Day-time dreams

I could feel the rhythm of the music that was silently encircling you both

I desired you as much as you desired me

a fusion of love, secrets and eons

pour into one limited space.

The Invisible manifests

And endless cycle

Of eternal desiring





A Mystery remains between eternity and time-

Even when one lover moves on

Gravity is a bias child

Craving that secret world so

tired shadows become the vacuum

the two move

hunting for pieces of each other until they meet

In the Secret World again...


What is a Secret World

I think there are couples out there that travel the Middle Way in their committed relationship. Whether that is married, non-married, same-sex relationships they are able to not go in extremes. The relationship is not based on emotional need, loneliness, boredom or security. They are able to stay committed to each other, stay true to themselves and also share themselves with their partner. It is still Earth so we know that imperfection is inevitable. And so some sacred space is created between these two souls and pieces of each of them disappear into this secret world- and thus a energy revolves around them. Usually people want to be around these couples in general to know them, that is, there is an invisible gravity that pulls you closer to these couples. When the pieces slip into that secret world- it seems that another dimension is created, it is inviting....a special places where lovers dwell...and for those who see invisible things it is an oasis...children immediately know this secret world... most people are attracted to it is the Sun...and pulls souls to it.

I was inspired by Peter Gabriel and his song Secret World. It has always been one of my favorites. I wrote a poem as a result. I am dedicating it to two people that taught be about what a Secret World really is. I have had best friends throughout my life that have had this specialness also. One couple let me just hang out with them all the time. I was best friends with the guy and the girl.

The month of July is a hard month in the giant picture. I lost my father six years ago on July 28th, 2004. This is for him- just to give a guy the respect that he deserves, someone who influenced my life beyond the norm.


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