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Secret of the Vinyard

Updated on May 25, 2016

The beginning

Looking over the vineyard every foggy morning I would smile waiting for the sun to be above the tree tops. The morning dew chilled my bare feet as I pushed through the vines to my secret spot I’ve been going to since I was little.

“Ann Marie! Where are you!?” a large man in a turquoise robe ran through the thick vines yelling for daughter.

“Daddy I’m over here” I was only seven so I didn’t know wandering off would put my father in such a panic. He came up to the bowl shaped rock I had yelled from, picked me up and kissed my forehead.

“Please don’t wander off like that, tell me where you’re going before you go off ok. I don’t want to lose you. Now sweetie I want you to do me a favor, always stay in the town ok its safe here.” he looked at me with tears in his eyes. I held his face with my seven year old hands “ok daddy I stay in town.”

Now ten years later I have kept my promise having never set foot outside the town line. One early afternoon I took my usual trip to my rock to watch the sun rays sparkle on the grapevines. As I approached the rock I saw a little girl no older than seven sitting in it.

“Hi, you like this rock too?” I stepped closer to her and leaned against the large oak tree next to the rock. “What’s your name?” I asked softly.

“My name is Annabelle. what’s yours?” she wore a white nightgown with little flats slippers. Her short brown hair and facial features were similar to my mother’s when she was young.

“My name is Ann Marie. Do you come here often? Where are your parents?” I asked as I moved some hair out of my face. I had never known of any little girls that lived in the area. Annabelle turned to look at me her sweet voice made me smile as she talked.

“I’ve been coming here all my life. I guess you live in that house now huh” she paused for a moment before speaking again “come on Ann Marie I want to show you something.” I gave her a unsure look, considering I didn’t know her, but she was a little girl I doubt there was a reason not to trust her. As if reading my mind she reassured me that she would bring me right back home. I nodded taking her outstretched hand and walking along the dirt road out of my driveway. As we walked into town I looked at all the buildings and shops some were brand new others were old. I hadn’t been in town much “wow these shops are so big” I said aloud not really expecting an answer. Annabelle walked further away from town and closer to the town line. “We’re almost there Ann Marie, just a bit further” Annabelle said tightening her grip on my hand. she had led me to a long dirt road outside of town when I began to get nervous.

“Annabelle I’m scared where are we?” I still followed her even when she didn’t answer me right away until we can about a few 100 feet away from a small wood cabin.

“here is what I wanted you to see” she looked at me with fear in her eyes “and that’s where the man who killed me lives.” Annabelle said it so calmly at first I didn’t believe her but as I took a closer look at her I could see right through her.


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