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SecretAdmirer by Debbie Lacy

Updated on February 26, 2012

He passed her by in his smooth Range Rover,

But little did he know she was checking him over,

She noticed he was tall, handsome, and sleek,

Oh how she admired his fabulous physique,

As time went on she watched noticing the briefcase he carried,

She wondered what he does for a living or even if he was married,

He seems to be a loner for there was never any activity at his spot,

As she hoped he was unattached because she was beginning to like him a lot.

For days she monitored his comings and goings with thoughts to make her move,

While getting all dolled up she looked in the mirror and hoped he would approve,

She took one last glance out the window to make sure he was home,

Sweet and impressively beautiful in her sexy red dress feeling confident and ready to roam,

For tonight she needed to be with someone, she needed to be held and she wanted everything to be just right,

She’d been longing for him for so long, "Oh dear Lord, let me be his type!",

Slowly she walked up to his door step with great anticipation she rung his bell,

Anxiously awaiting the door to open of which he dwelled,

Suddenly the door opened as he greeted her with a handsome smile on his face,

Her heart started beating with great intensity as he invited her into his place,

They talked and laughed as if they’ve known each other for quite a while,

By the look in his eyes she could truly sense that he really liked her style,

He grabbed her hand and held it and said, “You must have read my mind?”

I have been watching you for so long because a good woman like you is hard to find,

Then as they gazed into each other’s eyes she envision being in his arms,

Then consequently he gestured to her to come close where it was safe and warm,

Miraculously they fell in love and on her finger a diamond ring she acquired,

How amazingly she stepped out on faith and met her secret admirer.


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    • dl53acy profile image

      dl53acy 5 years ago from East Texas

      Aw, well maybe it wasn't meant to be in the first place. I guess the feelings had to be mutual like in this poem, they were both desiring one another so it worked for her; but I'm glad this poem bought back a good memory. We all have them! Thanks for your comment ElevlynDove!

    • profile image

      ElevlynDove22 5 years ago

      I love this poem, it reminds me of back in Seattle Washington where just adjacent from my Condo there lived this handsome guy and I wanted so much to get to know him but I was so shy. I wanted him to make the first move. Well this went on for a couple months when finally late one evening I arrived home and found a large moving van in front of his Condo. Sadly he was moving away and I panicked wishing I had taken the time to say something. We just never know! Thanks for sharing this lovely poem dl53acy!

    • profile image

      wonder doll 5 years ago

      Cute poem! I love it!

    • leni sands profile image

      Leni Sands 7 years ago from UK

      Very lyrical - not sure why the end words have been highlighted don't think thst is necessary the poem speaks\for itself. Good poem.