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How to Create Income from Writing

Updated on August 2, 2012

Rewarding Activity

Writing is a rewarding activity. Whenever you write, the words you are imprinting on your piece of writing is the knowledge you have about the subject either because you have acquired it through experience, or you have read it through articles, encyclopedias, magazines, etc. Maybe it is your specialization, and you want to share your expertise with others on the internet. In order to write good pieces of writing to be read on the internet, one has to choose first the topic of interest, and then write a good title for your article. After this, design your article's structure and develop it, so as to communicate your knowledge to your readers.

The more you know about your topic, the more you´re going to promote in your readers the desire to inspect the content of your articles. It is a good practice to divide your article into paragraphs. In each paragraph, you should include one subtopic, and start every paragraph with a topic sentence. Every paragraph should follow a logic sequence of ideas and only one idea should be developed in each paragraph based on the idea contained within the topic sentence. Writing involves using a good understanding of the basics of good writing.

Read on the Subjects you Want to Write


Read the Stories of Other Authors

The great authors of all time have written excellent stories because they have read the stories of other authors. Only after they have read about a given subject, they have become skilled enough to develop their own stories.

To write an article about any given topic, you have to gain an understanding of the subject you want to write about. For example, if you intend to write a story about science, first, you have to read a lot of books and magazines about the subject to gain a thorough understanding of the terms used to describe a given passage.

If you have chosen to write about health and nutrtion, you have to read about the subject in books magazines health articles from other authors to acquire the terminology used to describe those kind of subjects. If your intention is to write about science fiction, you have to read science fiction, watch science fiction movies to gain an understanding of the language implied on those themes.

Getting Paid from Writing


Writing Can Become a Way of Living

Writing can become a means by which anyone can earn a living. Nowdays, there are many sites that offer writers the opportunity to make a living out of writing. The key idea to consider is that there are many good writers writing stories within a variety of topics. Writing stories on the web is very competitive where only the most skilled writers become the more read.

This means that the most attractive, professional, and coherent articles are going to be the most read, moreover, there are topics which people most frequently search for because they´re interested in certain topics more than others. You have to become acquainted with the topics people most often look for, for instance, education and science.

There are some topics that people are more interested, because at one time or another they affect their lives in varied ways, for example, nutrition and health. The basic idea is to write articles in a variety of topics pertaining to people´s interests, and to develop your articles in a professional manner, using the terminology related to the topic of your choice, in order to communicate your message to your readers.

Publish Your Article

After you have written the article on your chosen topic, send it for publication at the writing site of your preference. You can search for some on google search engine or publish it at HubPages. Don´t forget to revise your work before you send it for publication.

It is worth revising your written work before you send it for publication. Omitted or mispelled words can make your work seem not too professional, and may discourage readers from reading through your article. hopefully, if you proofread your article before you publish it, it will become the most searched for.


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