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Think Fast! Secrets to Speed Writing and Speed Typing!

Updated on May 13, 2011

Do You Know How To Type?

If you plan on speed-writing, you aren't going to get there hunting-and-pecking with your index fingers. You need to learn how to type. Pick up some easy typing lessons and practice every day. You need to build up basic proficiency with the keyboard and the location of the keys. Until you can type without looking down at your fingers, you will have difficulty achieving the speed of typing that can keep up with your thoughts and speech. The key to speed writing is being able to type at the same speed you think.

Practice Speed Typing!

Practicing your typing skills can be an enjoyable activity. Instead of just grinding away at some random document, put your skills in action somewhere you can apply them. Visit websites with active chatrooms full of people you disagree with, and try to win them over to your side of the argument. Find chatrooms full of people you like and get in speed-typing contests with them. Learn about Multi-User Dungeons, and spend time typing your way through various puzzles and evil-doers in need of smiting. By using your skill in a fun and engaging manner, you will learn to type very fast without even realizing you are learning a life skill!

Improve Your Editorial Eye!

If you have to constantly go back over your written text to fix mistakes of grammar, usage, and spelling, you aren't going to pick up a head of steam and plow through to the end of your document at warp speed. Get involved with a writer's group, either on-line or in-person, and take time editing other people's writing. Also be sure to study the Chicago Manual of Style, and internalizing the appropriate skills you're going to need to be able to pound through your documents at warp speed, without stopping!

Keep Writing!

As you develop your skills, don't forget to keep writing! It won't be long until you are pounding through your documents at warp speed. Your typing will get faster and faster, and you'll be able to type at the same speed you would think or speak.

Soon, you will be able to produce thousands of words a day. More importantly, the more you internalize editing skills and the Chicago Manual of Style, the less you will need to go back over your words to make sure that you aren't making lots of mistakes that need to be corrected.

Soon, you will find that you can type up your documents, stories, articles, and letters at a break-neck pace, and you'll only need to go back over them once or twice to flush out any mistakes.

Good luck, speed typists!


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