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An Art Of Seduction (Short Poem)

Updated on March 8, 2013

An Art Of Seduction (Short Poem)

Seduced (Poem)

Her wide seductive eye's led me here

to this candle lit room

Two wine glasses and a bottle of red

stood waiting to be consumed

The flickering silhouettes on the wall

remind me of an old movie

The colliding shadow''s form together

the calming of her breathing soothes me

Slightly teased she pulls away

to pick up the red and pour out her sin's

In new company I leave behind those memories

as a peasant and rise to be her king

Drifting into happy imaginations

of sweeping her off her feet

Carry her to a safe haven to where

I will protect her in my arms away from mistreat

She lean's towards me and whispered

something that made the hairs on my neck stand

We stare into each others eye's

way past lust and I reach for her hand

Slowly we move closer until

our lips perfectly connect

My right hand raised stroking her face

My soft touch let's her know I'm here to protect

She pulls away and smile's

stands and leads me to a place unconfined

She sit's me down and whispered wait

as she turned to close the door behind.

-Jai Capone


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