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See As I See (poem)

Updated on July 21, 2013

Can the light be infected with darkness?

Can evil spread through goodness like a virus?

I’ve seen love turn to hate

Reaching it's inevitable fate

Watched as mothers kill their own young

As humanity slips down yet another rung

Could enough anger and rage be injected?

To cause the righteous to become infected?

Watching all the husbands cheating on their wives

Draining the happiness and joy from their lives

Hatred and apathy pulses from every pore

Losing our very humanity in this, the final world war

To see the world with disgust and rage

This story will end . . we're on the last page

Absent of love

No god above

Now that everyone will be

Revolted by this shadow of our past society

Now you can see

This putrid world just as I see


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