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See It My Way

Updated on June 6, 2012

Just Hear Me Out

When we first met you began talking and I listened

Then you go on and on about your day

I nod my head

We go for a walk side by side

We have been friends for so long

Over twenty years I can remember the day we first met

It was a Saturday night and I had nothing planned

You were out with friends and have been shopping all day

I layed around and stayed in my bed all morning

After deciding to get up to eat feeling a little better

I didn't bother to comb my hair

You said I had bed head and you laughed

I took a liking to you too

We went for a walk and never stopped seeing each other since

You held your arm around me

I felt comfortable too

You made me happier than I have been in years

I came from a broken home and I never knew my dad

My mom and I got separated and we lost touch

Not knowing my mothers side of the family I was on my own

Since I was old enough I took care of myself

But it wasn't long before I ended up behind bars

I must of blacked out because the whole thing happened so fast

The police were called when someone thought I was lost and going to cause some trouble

I would never

Although no one ever asked me what I thought

I had got into a few fights as I got older

Most people are real friendly and some people are bad news

Over the years our friendship grew

I have had so many nicknames

Hey boy and Trouble to name just a couple

My real name is Max and I like it alot

Our friendship is based on trust

We have helped each other out so many times I can't even count

I went for the help the time you fell off the roof and got hurt

You could of died

You saved me from that speeding car

I never did see

Now we are insepable and go so many places together

We even sleep together

But you still do all the cooking and cleaning

I do love to eat and I do make a mess a few times too many

All in all we work our problems out

I hear you talking again and wonder

When will you finally understand me

You are who you are and I know I can not change you

You will always be younger even though you still think your the boss

I will let all my troubles go if you could only remember

My name is Max I am loyal and true

I am darn good looking and I am the greatest dog in the world

Tricking you still believing I am something I am not

Part magician , part professor

I will always be a challange and your dog

So don't get mad when something goes wrong

Just spoil me with my favorite doggy treats

The reward I deserve for putting up with your shaninagans

Don't forget I like prime rib for my Sunday dinner

The Lazy boy for all the sports

I stay up late and like to sleep in the morning

Breakfast in bed would be nice

Two eggs,bacon and some toast with jelly

Don't forget a nice tall glass of orange juice freshly squeezed



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