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Seeing is Deceiving

Updated on July 6, 2012
Do you ever feel like your sitting on a shelf
Watching the world go by
Talking to yourself

Do you ever fantasize
Can you stop yourself from falling
Have you thought yourself to fly

Can you hear your heart screaming
Did you even know it had a beat

Seeking a justification to your needs
Naked in an intersection
Biting the hand that brings your lunch

Bells are ringing in the distance
Do you wonder their location
Or will you wait for translation

Flashing back
I know you try not to remember
Holding her lifeless hands
In the cold of December

The wind grew weary
Your eyes wide awake
Was this too much for you to take

You can wear a blindfold
Ignoring the way the story is told
Or reach into your pocket and pull out some truth
Holding her face
You sawed through the noose

Her lips were ice cold
They were growing mold
Yet you frantically tried
to kiss the life back into them

I look at you now
Reviewing your history
Beating your head against the wall


Questioning the fate that comes for us all

Extinguish the reality

This time, what can you do
Loosing all you've known as life
Is their ever an end to this feud
Someday ill believe what they say on the news


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