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Seekyt Review - Should I Write for Them

Updated on August 13, 2015

Seekyt is actually 5 years old, but it has gone under major renovation since launch. Seekyt was first not popular at all. The amount visitor and publisher were low at the time. In 2014, The owner of that time decided to abandon Seekyt and made it for sale. Then, a person named James purchased it and redesigned everything. Seekyt's traffic increased drastically. One of my articles made it into the 4th page of a Google search term within a short period.

You have two ways to make money with Seekyt, but you can only choose one. Adsense or Chitika, you'll gain 65% of the revenue made from either option.

Can I use a hosted Google Adsense account?

NO. Google did make it confusing with the page linked below. A hosted Google account can't be used on a different hosted site. For an example, you can't use your YouTube Adsense account on Seekyt. If you try, in a few days it will warn that this account is for YouTube only and that you'll need to upgrade. I can't explain everything, so I'll leave a link about a forum below.

I haven't confirmed the following

(13-August-2015) Seekyt's website has gone under another redesign and according to email I've received. The administer/owner has been changed again. From the look of the redesign, I would predict that this would increase traffic, but it's a prediction. Some coding errors are found in the website, which may result to poor SER(search engine ranking). One major feature that was added is account verification. Only verified accounts can post.

I give my sympathy for those who had old accounts(including me) as we've lost all the article we've written.


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