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Selections of poetry

Updated on January 11, 2015


An Autumn leaf.

Shivering in the wind,

dripping from the rain,

clinging to the tree of life,

hoping the summer will never end.

As an autumn leaf he falls,

he returns to the dark bare earth,

he returns to the place of his birth,

he quivers and dies

and all that is left

is the rustle of autumn leaves.

Homo Sapiens?

I sincerely think of the Human race

As the only species without a place.

Man knows not where he ought to go.

Nor what seams his life should sew.

Of all the beasts upon the globe

The most unfortunate wears the robe:

He knows not what he should pretend,

He thrives to finish but hates the end.

I do not know what’s really best:

To be all full, or still have thirst.

The reason why I doubt like this

Is cause I’m human and I can miss.

Conversation with a raindrop

Hello little raindrop. How do you do?

Did you know I felt alone?

At times I wish I were like you:

Anywhere I fell would be my home.

Sometimes I need reminding

Of the force that binds us all.

I must remember finding

The magic in the big and small.

You must have known that I was caught up

In the blinding race of man.

I’m glad you came to interrupt,

To show me what you can.

I’ll fix my God amid your essence

And through your domain I’ll fly.

I’ll feel of the source its very presence;

And thus my soul will reach it’s high.

Now the unity I recall

Of everything in the Universe.

How I am one with you; with all.

How loneliness can be dispersed.

I remember now continuity.

The fabric of existence.

I feel the very energy

Flowing without resistance.

I see the wonder that you hold .

Even though you pass unnoticed.

I guess I needed to be told

About the marvels I have missed.

The force that guides the mighty sea.

The universal consciousness Which also resides in you and me,

Makes all that is coalesce.

My friend I give my thanks to you.

You’ve opened up my mind.

I know now what I must do

To break the wall I fell behind.

Now little raindrops I say goodbye.

I’ve enjoyed our conversation.

I must let you return to the sky.

So I may return to earthly probation.

Behind the rain

Bad experiences are not signs that all life holds is pain.

You must realize, there comes a time, when the Sun must hide behind the rain.

There comes a time to mourn what’s lost: when tears must flow to quell the anguish.

So that winter’s cold and bitter frost the seeds of joy will not extinguish.

At times pain and sadness seem to prevail. Then the good times all seem so much better.

But only wind can fill a sail. Life’s at a standstill in too quiet weather.

After a storm the air feels so fresh. Just like the relief of a good long cry.

The pursuit of happiness can not be rushed. ‘ Cause the easier it’s obtained the faster it will die.

It took me half a lifetime to be able to write what you have read.

And I will probably spend the rest of my life reminding myself of what I have said.


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