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Self Publish Amazon Photo Book

Updated on July 23, 2016

We are going to learn simple five steps involved in publishing photo book for sale at Amazon. Thereafter, you can join others in making extra income while sitting comfortable at home. At Amazon people sale all sorts of thing which are being categorized from software, kindle books, and so much more. Now let us go into the steps in publishing photo book on Amazon.

Step 1: select and put together all the pictures or images your want to publish into a new folder. At least 50 above pictures or images will be fine

  • Your pictures can be your personal pictures.
  • They can be pictures of anything your have taken or snapped anywhere with your camera either; with your mobile phone camera or the conventionally camera and you love them and considered them good for others.
  • They can also be images you get from the public domains which are free to use.

Step 2: open the Microsoft word in your computer or any device that support it.

  • Begin to insert the pictures or the images one picture or image per a page.
  • Your can also copy all at once and paste them on the Microsoft word and arrange them one per a page.
  • After you put all the pictures or the images on the pages, then click office button and select save the file give it a name.
  • Remember that you can add any other information or texts you want to publish with your photo book in the pages before saving the file. That is all for arranging your pictures for publishing.

Step 3: here is the time or the stage to publish your photo book on

  • Visit Amazon Website and sign up for a publisher account.
  • Create a new account.
  • Enter all your necessary information in your personal or profile page, your tax information and payment method.

Step 4: after you are done with the registration, it is the time to publish your photo book.

  • Click on start a new book. A page will open for you to start the entry stages of the publishing in the Amazon.
  • When you get to upload your book cover, you can solve this puzzle here in two ways either by providing an already made book cover for your book or you use the option of do it online. My dear I prefer the latter option as it does not take more than five minute or so to have a create a well befitting book cover for your book. However,you can visit cavaaa to make a simple cover for yourself which your will later upload as cover for your book.
  • The next on this stage is to upload your content. Here you have to upload the photos you have saved on doc. After uploading the content, Amazon will then convert it immediately to their on format.
  • Just after that your photo book, is ready for your preview and then saves and continue the process.

Step 5: At this stage you will choose a price for your book.

  • Just take your time and choose the right price for your book.
  • When you are done with the pricing then clicks publish. Well-done and congrats your kindle photo book will be live for purchase within 24 hours.

Tips: when compiling your pictures or images try to avoid copyright images.

  • Use original images own by you or those ones free from copy right clash.
  • Make sure you save your file very well in case of future use.
  • Ensure you preview the content uploaded to see how it was formatted.
  • Give your photo book a reasonable price.
  • At this point i want to encourage you to visit
  • Photography Book of lovely Pets and get a copy of a photo book there and use it as your workshop guide.
  • Don't just read this eyes opening article and still sit back without taking steps to make something happen.

Very readable and inspiring, this book will guide you as you begin your book-making journey. Consider this a personal publishing workshop that holds your hand as you publish your own photography book! it is now available to anyone with a camera (or a camera phone!). The result has been a surge in the market, with both stunning books that might never have been published before and


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