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Self Publishing Books With

Updated on June 16, 2013

Self-Publish a Book Without Going Broke

For many writers and photographers, the problem with many self-publishing companies in the past has been that self publishing a book required the purchase of hundreds, if not thousands, of copies of that book. With, that is not the case. You can self publish and not have to buy boxes of copies of the book.

Buying Just One Book

Specializing in photo books, Blurb makes it possible to create a one-of-a-kind baby book, vacation photo book or other memory book and to purchase just one for family use. Professional and amateur photographers alike can self publish artistic photo books meant for selling. Others can create personal photo books that are never placed in a virtual bookstore. Those who want to sell their books in brick-and-mortar bookstores can buy one to show to bookstore owners before ordering larger numbers to sell.

Selling Self-Published Books Through Blurb

When using Blurb, creating and selling a book can be done on one site. The site allows users to place their book up for sale in the Blurb Bookstore and to decide on a price for each book. The site has a minimum price that reflects the production costs, and book creators keep all of the markup above that minimum price.

For books that include color, softcover book prices start at $10.95 and go up to $86.95, depending on the size and the number of pages in the book. Hardcover books range from $28.95 to $96.95, depending on the number of pages, the image on the cover and the materials in the book. Black and white books start at $3.50 and go up to $32.95. Creators can raise the price as much as they choose above those prices.

Why Create a Self-Published Photo Book?

Other than the standard commercial reasons for creating a photo book, there are also fundraisers and gift occasions that drive some amateur photographers to create their own bound photo books. Charity books sold through Blurb have raised money for disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti and to pay for critical medical care.

Businesses create coffee-table books that highlight their businesses for clients and customers to peruse on the premesis. Photographers can create a bound photo portfolio that is easy for prospective new clients to thumb through. Though the price may be steep, a professionally bound book that doesn't require a bulk order can be a boost to many careers and lend a more professional look to businesses in search of new clients.


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