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Self Publishing and Editing Services

Updated on March 6, 2012

Finding an Ebook Publisher

My first novel is just a few weeks away from being born (or launched, depending on whether it takes off). I’ve done the submission thing before – I used to write poetry and send it to literary magazines. I got a few favourable comments, a few words of encouragement and many rejection letters. My journalistic articles did better and I did earn a little freelance money that way.

A novel, however, is way too much work to put in the hands of a jaded publisher. And, not being a crime novel, romantic page burner or spy thriller, I’m not aiming for the best seller list. Self-publishing is an attractive alternative. I’m not alone. There are many authors – both new and established writers, that are turning to epublishing. The options for authors like me to create and sell ebooks are growing by the month.

Book Baby was my first stop in the search for a service. They bill themselves as the world’s largest distribution network for eBook publishing. The services offered are attractively priced - $99 is the base price for an uploaded book in Word or text format (there are extra charges for conversion of some other formats). Cover design is at least another $149, but you may supply your own cover.

An ISBN number is another necessity for selling books and they will obtain one for you for $19. It is much more expensive to get one on your own because publishers get a lower price by buying them in quantity. Another Book Baby service is copywriting through a service called MySpark. This service costs $85.

For those without Internet savvy, Book Baby offers authors web sites (Host Baby) to help promote the book (starting at $199 per year). This is not a bad price considering the wide variety of features and services that are offered for slightly more than basic web design and hosting.

The best thing about Book Baby (besides its one stop service) is the fact that they allow you to keep 100% of the commission on sales (some sites keep a percentage of the commission received from Amazon or other ebook sellers) and ongoing fees are only $19 per year without the author website.

Check the next blog for some feedback on this service and future articles for reviews of similar services.


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    • DougReid profile imageAUTHOR

      Douglas Reid 

      6 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      There is a learning curve to any publishing (blogging included). Depending on the route you go, it can be more complicated especially the DIY route. Some companies facilitate more than others.

    • xstatic profile image

      Jim Higgins 

      6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Interesting concept. I hope it works for you. I had no idea that self publishing via Amazon was that hard to do.


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