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Self Publishing and Sales Work Hand in Hand

Updated on February 10, 2018

It is not all that simple writing and self publishing books. Many people get this notion that they can just put a bunch of words together in a notebook and they can have a book published. It doesn't work that way.

As Lastheart and I make books, we have found other people thinking that they could easily do the same. It is like watching a house builder or a mechanic in their profession and getting the thought process that you could do the same. The next thing you know, you have wood everywhere or nuts and bolts scattered, not knowing how to put them back together.

The writing of a book is not simple in itself. You need an idea, an outline, characters, and a plot. You need to set up your office program to have a proper format. Margins need to be properly made to insure that the bleeding of the publishing process will come out into a nice looking book. Fonts need to be carefully chosen for the best reading experience.

I use Libre Office. It seems to have everything I need, and I have discovered I like it better than Microsoft Office. It is a long process writing the book and double, no triple checking everything. It is also a great idea to have a proofreader also check your work.

Now it is time to publish your finished work. Your office file now needs to be a PDF. You can convert it right in your office program. I send it in to the publisher, which is Createspace. They are an Amazon owned company. Checks upon checks are made. You can follow step by step in the publishers website how this is done. You proof your new book and if all is well, you confirm publication. You are now a published author!

Does that mean your books will just start selling?

I have news for you... NOPE!



It takes more than just writing and publishing books to get anywhere.It is now when you need to become a marketer and a salesman.

If you really want your books to be bought and read, you need to start finding ways to get your book out. It will be listed on Amazon, and have its own website, but you need more.

We started a Facebook page. You can see it here. That gained a few sales, but we wanted more.

We have been hitting the streets.


Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña

Our first big sale was fifteen copies of our historical/fiction book called Kayro's Key.

The Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña purchased those. In English, that would be the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture.

This was our jumping point, because how good it will be to tell others that the Institute of Culture bought and are reselling the books.

A link to Kayro's Key is to the side. You may want to purchase your own copy, and if you ask, Lastheart and I just may autograph it for you.


San Juan Community Library

Next stop was a library that Lastheart and her family frequents. The San Juan Community Library decided to order four books to put on the shelves.

I was ecstatic. It wasn't much, but having your books in a library can get you more coverage.

The head librarian also stated that she would like us to sell our books there during National Library Week.

The books they bought were:

  • Kayro's Key
  • Carolina, Puerto Rico-Land of Giants
  • Canóvanas, Puerto Rico-Cradle of the Indians
  • Grandpa's Mission

Links to the books are to the right.


Librería Norberto González

Just the other day, Maggie and I decided to go on a sales attempts. We started hitting book stores in Rio Piedras which is a barrio of San Juan. There are quite a few book stores there.

Some of the stores will allow us to consign. We are considering, but in the consignment part, you have to wait until the book sells. We really don't have the capital to just leave books at this time.

We walked into the Norberto González Libreria and waited for the owner to see us. As we explained our offer, he showed us other books about Puerto Rico. We could tell that he loves books about his homeland.

"I will take 3," he said. My stunning wife asked, "which 3?"

"3 of all," Norberto said.

I almost fainted. We have his order being shipped as I write this. the owner ordered three of every book about Puerto Rico. He ordered all the Gringocua series I have made and 3 of each of the bilingual pueblo books that Lastheart and I have written.


The whole point in this hub is: Self Publishing and Sales go hand in hand.

You must be willing to get out and sell your work. Writing isn't the only part of the equation.

I hope this will help you in your endeavors.

Keep in mind that sharing your books in hubs and articles is another way to get sales. Hint, hint.

Go ahead, you need some books to read--buy some of Froggy and Lastheart's books. If you enjoy reading our hubs, you will surely like our books!


© G.L. Boudonck

© 2013 Greg Boudonck


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      6 years ago

      Inspirational hub - go for gold!!


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