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Self Help Books Aren’t Just for Nerds

Updated on December 29, 2020
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Gaea is an accomplished Realtor and go getter from sunny California. She has utilized the “downtime” of 2020 quarantine for education.

There’s no need to roll your eyes while working on yourself!

You guys, what a wild ride 2020 has been?! I mean it was so insane, do any of us even remember what life was like before quarantines, masks and when outdoor dining wasn‘t basically just dining indoors?

Through the mess that was 2020, I’d like to point out that it wasn’t without it’s small charms. Extended PJ wear, our pets never feeling so loved, and extra time needed to really grow ourselves are among some of the benefits this hellfire has brought to us.

At some point in the earlier part of the year I realized that in order to be where I wanted to be, I needed to learn from people in the positions I so dearly desired to be. You see “genius leaves clues” as Jim Kwik likes to say. The path to success is just that, a path forged by those before us so why not study what they did??

Trust me, even looking at the cover of some cheesy self help memoir would make me want to vomit in the past, some how I decided to give it a try. I mean if I was going to stop living paycheck to paycheck, why not see what other people had done?

So I embarked on my journey with a little purple book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyoskai. What a ride that was! I though I was in for a dry technical manuscript, but was delighted by the humor! Apparently these authors understand the importance of entertainment! After consuming that one I was hungry to see what else was out there. I got some great reading suggestions from a variety of financial literature Instagram accounts (social media isn’t just for cat videos) and started to really dive in!

Most of the titles I read this year were really informative but I definitely sensed a pattern emerging. The authors had started out struggling with life, work, money (always money). They continued to struggle until their lives had become so damn unbearable that they gave up continuing in their crappy old ways and went out on a quest for betterment. The epiphany happened not in an instantaneous flash, but over time when they all realized that the first step to success is in your mentality. If you don’t truly believe you are capable of achievement then you will never put forth the effort needed.

You see all of the annoying old cliches are soo true, “if you think you can or you think you cannot you are right”, “positive attitude goes a long way” all of it. I didn’t really believe until these damn phrases were drilled into my head over and over again. You see your brain looks for evidence to support your mindset, if you think you’re a lazy piece of trash you will always see evidence to support that!

The path is forged

The path to success is just that, a path forged by those before us.


Your brain looks for evidence to support your mindset, if you think you’re a lazy piece of trash that’s all you will see.

What could go right?

What if instead of thinking about what could go wrong, we focus on why could go right?


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