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Inspiring Authors To Self-Publish

Updated on May 2, 2018

Self-publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing

For starters, Amazon KDP is free to sign up with. Not only that but it's the easiest way to get your work out there and not risk losing your rights. I bet an author puts a lot of sleepless nights into their manuscripts and I understand why he'she doesn't want to hand it off to a total stranger, it's hard to trust anyone. With Amazon KDP, I had nothing to worry about. All it takes is signing a 90 day contract and a shot at a 70/30 percentage rate called royalties paid to the author via direct deposit.


Do you have a manuscript and want to publish it for the world to see?

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What is the 90 day contract for?

Signing up with Amazon KDP to publish a book requires a 90 day contract, it insures that while they try to sell your new book, you don't publish and sell with any other company. When those days are up, you may submit your manuscript with whomever you choose while still selling your book through Amazon.

Book sales

What is the 70/30 Percent deal?

When Amazon prints and sells your book, you earn royalties. Amazon will get 30% of each sale. You will earn 70% from each sale. You generally have to wait about 3 months until money starts to roll into your bank account! If you make sales monthly, you should see royalties at the end of every month after that.

They do need tax information for the document you receive at the end of the year because Amazon will not pay taxes on your behalf (you will have to pay in taxes yourself).

Things to prepare for when you are ready to create your book!

  • Have your manuscript ready in your files as one big file, not chopped up in separate files because they will only allow you to submit one. The manuscript should include title page, copyright page, table of contents, and the contents within the book which make up your story.
  • Have a cover created with title's as well as the Author and illustrators name. The cover needs to be something that draws the attention of a reader.
  • If you choose not to use your real name, know what pen name you would like to use.
  • Another important thing to have prepared is the back cover with details or hints letting the reader know what they will read about.
  • Have an idea on what you want to price your book for, before you start to create your book they will give you the option to sell it as an e-book on kindle and/or to have it printed as paperback.
  • Understanding microsoft word and having excel skills come in handy because the files you submit have to be a certain size and format to be accepted.

The cover

How easy is it?

If you already have the programs and tools to change file sizes and know how to change document types then it should be "a piece of cake" and could possibly take no extra time at all.

Not having so much knowledge on Excel and Microsoft word will make things a little more challenging, the plus side to it, is that they walk you through the process with templates and guidelines to follow. It might take a little more time sumbitting your files and covers, etc.

Self-publishing your book with them isn't extremely impossible but it takes work to earn your way to the top!


The book I Wrote, Illustrated, and self-published!

"Reality of a Paranormal Fairytale"

This is my first and successful published book. I had done so much research for getting it published. My voicemail would fill up with publishers trying to get me to sign up with them. They were talking thousands of dollars up front and out of pocket. I didn't have that kind of money, so I thought to myself "there has to be another way!" After using the search engine to do more research, I looked into Amazon KDP and I am very pleased with the outcome. It's not to get rich overnight but to get your work noticed. I am working on book #2 and will also be using them again to publish it!

My experience

I published my book sometime in August of 2017, an idea came to me about writing a 3 part novel. The thought of creating something different than what's already been thought up, felt like an accomplishment that I could handle. I already had art work that I could leave behind for the next generations history. I wanted to expand my creative nature and see what I am capable of. I am proud of myself for doing what not many people have the patience to do. When I wrote my last sentence of my 1st book, I thought to myself "wow, I actually did it, it's finished!" To have other people tell me that they enjoyed it, makes me amazed that I was able to entertain someone without being a host of a dinner or party. My story made my readers; cry, laugh, smile, feel connected to the character and stay on their toes through her journey. There is no better feeling than knowing someone liked what I created!

Quick understanding

Do you feel confident in publishing with Amazon KDP?

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What type of writer are you?

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Your type


  • 59% & below: You have the experience to be a freelancer and write articles.
  • 60%-84%: You love to write but you might not have the extra time to invest into it.
  • 85%-100%: You write to simply entertain your audience and you understand the value of a good book.


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    • Halley Indonesia profile image

      Halley Kawistoro 

      9 months ago from Indonesia

      Nice Article Leigha. Nice to meet you. Maybe you can teach me. to write good hub. and to be great pubhlishing writer

    • Leigha Havard profile imageAUTHOR

      Leigha Havard 

      9 months ago from TN

      Amazon KDP really was the easiest way to publish my unpublished manuscript!


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