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Sell Your Soul...

Updated on July 29, 2013


Go to that little room & toil,

Contemplating your fate while another hour you wait... Waiting for the time to go home,

around that building you roam, walking further and further into the unknown,

all for a little bread, cheese and dough,

balls boy can't you see, nature has always been free.. This is where you should bee you'll see, cause this is where your gonna bee when your body gives up and goes,

you know,

you know the truth sleuth,




I've had enough of this smoking stuff,

just a damn crutch...

keeping me elevated above these fuking ruts,

fuk no,

four wheel here we go,

up and over this trip without a slip,

i'm the one making all this up & I'm tired of this shit,

but I can't quit,

I have to have a place to sit,

got any tips???

well then quick, write them down below and click,

send them off to a friend or send it off as spam,

it's time to review the plan,

with know attack, I've removed the knife from my back...

I threw that hunk of crap back,

so here we stand, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand,

with no feelings,

a dead generation addicted to the drug of choice,

in a cosmic ballroom full of noise...


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