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Selling Ebooks With PayLoadz Digital Storage

Updated on July 28, 2012

Selling ebooks is becoming an increasingly-acceptable way to publish and sell both fiction and non-fiction books online.

To sell ebooks requires digital storage of that book that will allow customers to receive it once it has been purchased. This can be done on the ebook seller's own website, or the ebook can be stored elsewhere and used along with purchase links that allow customers to buy ebooks with just a few clicks.

PayLoadz and Selling Ebooks

With PayLoadz the ebooks or other digital items that are stored on the site can be integrated with PayPal. This allows ebook sellers to generate PayPal payment buttons or links for the digital item. The code for the payment buttons and links can then be copied directly from PayLoadz and pasted onto an ebook sales website.

Sell Articles Through PayLoadz

Though ebooks are a better-known digital product sold online, it is also possible to sell articles online through PayLoadz. The same system of digital storage and PayPal integration can be used to sell articles, reports and any other digital product online. Private label rights articles are sometimes sold through websites that use PayLoadz for storage and integrated PayPal purchase buttons.

Self Publish Ebooks

Like E-Junkie, PayLoadz can make it easier for anyone to self publish a book online. There are no length or subject matter requirements. The digital products can include artwork, manuals and music as well as ebooks.

A basic PayLoadz account is free, and there is no fee or commission for sales of up to $50 per month. If sales exceed that amount, there is a monthly fee for an account. The fees begin at $5 per month for the first $100 in sales and continue through seven account levels, each with a higher monthly fee. The first month of any account level is free.

Sell Ebooks Through Affiliate Sales

Anyone with an ebook business can start an affiliate network through PayLoadz. Affiliates can sign up to sell an ebook through an affiliate system, making a commission for each ebook that is sold. The affiliate network can be managed and affiliates paid through the PayLoadz system.

Ebook Business

Anyone with useful information to impart can create an ebook, report or article and sell it through their own ebook website or through affiliates. With PayLoadz, an ebook writer doesn't need any programing skills or technical knowledge in order to store the digital product and create links and buttons that allow customers to buy ebooks and other items.


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    • profile image

      Beaks 5 years ago from USA

      It depends on how much you sell through them and what type of account you have. Here is the pricing page:

    • A K Turner profile image

      Joseph A K Turner 5 years ago from West Yorkshire

      i have never heard of payloads how much comission do they charge?