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Sensitive heart turned cold

Updated on August 22, 2013

Sensitive heart turned cold

It hurts my heart to know I must go one way.

It's so hard to keep it cold, not letting it flame.

Truth is I get attached to easy,

It hurts my young heart I gotta let it fade and be discreetly.

Fortunatley I have a maze that died early,

It made things harder on the outside, but made the inside peacely..

Will I ever see my true gift, seeing a woman as bright as the eye under her eyelid.

It hurts me to know I might not ever see,

Just being deep within the manly in me.

Young hearts must go, but hard hearts must rock.

This is where it leads me, it tears me apart.



For those that don't know, this is directed to relationships. I can't do them, pure meet and leave for me.

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