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Seraffyn's European Adventure by Lin and Larry Pardey

Updated on January 29, 2012
Seraffyn's European Adventure
Seraffyn's European Adventure

Books by the Pardeys

Cruising in Seraffyn
Cruising in Seraffyn

Cruising in Seraffyn


Seraffyn's European Adventure is the sequel to Lin and Larry Pardey's original book Cruising in Seraffyn and is one of many books the Pardey's have written over the years. The Pardey's are well known throughout the sailing/cruising world and have been sailing the world since the late 1960's in their custom hand built sailboats.

Seraffyn's European Adventure takes you in sequence from when the Pardey's sailed form Northern California to the East Coast of the US, on their way to cross the Atlantic to begin their touring of Europe and beyond. I unfortunately haven't read the Pardey's first book, Cruising in Seraffyn yet. However, there is no need to read the books in sequence, the Pardey's provide enough details on previous mentions of their adventures for you to easily pick up any of their books and jump right in.

The biggest draw for me when grabbing this book at a second hand sailing shop was the Pardey's name in the world cruising community. If you have any interest in buying a sailboat and setting sail from your life on shore, you'll no doubt run into Lin and Larry Pardey very quickly in your research to do so. The Pardey's are masters of sustainability. Larry Pardey built Seraffyn by hand out of wood prior to setting off. An incredible feat, to say the least!

What was especially interesting about Seraffyn's European Adventure is the Pardey's vivid and graphic detail of what it's like to cruise in Europe. What made it even more catching was the historical aspect of their adventures (the book is written in present tense, but was written forty years ago). You get to glimpse not only into what it's like to cruise on a sailboat in Europe, but also get to read about what Europe was like in the early 70's.

Europe in the 1970's includes increasingly foreign ideas like Communism in Europe (prior to the Berlin Wall falling), strong language and culture barrier (prior to globalism) and even a Euro-less Europe (prior to a strong EU). All of which I found incredibly thrilling and amusing!

I recommend if you have any interest in reading about sailing or about adventures in foreign lands, you should check out Seraffyn's European Adventure. Additionally, Seraffyn's European Adventure is followed up by another addition of the Pardey's adventures in the Mediterranean aptly titled Seraffyn's Mediterranean Adventure and then followed up even further along in the Pardey's worldwide cruise with Seraffyn's Oriental Adventure.

To supplement your thirst for what cruising may be like, the Pardey's have also written several other cruising help or how-to books. Such as The Self Sufficient Sailor and Cost Conscious Cruiser among many others. I've provided links to the Pardey's books (to the right) and if you want can order them through Amazon. However, I strongly recommend you looking for them at yard sales, second hand bookstores (like Half Price Books) and/or check them out from your local library.

Happy cruising!


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