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Serenity In Tiny Glimpses.

Updated on January 11, 2010

Serenity in tiny glimpses.

Serenity comes while

watching tiny toddlers,
playing in the park

together on a sunny day,
fresh from the morning rush
exhauisted from the

grueling office demands
you sit and watch them simplify
all the complications adults face
into tiny humorous

moments joyously spent,
they overcome their fears

of reaching too high,
by simply taking a

giggly slide to the bottom,
they teeter for a moment,

balancing just right
then just totter to the

bottom with a squeal,
no worries about

being level headed,
and when they climb to the top,
it's on m o n k e y b a r s,
a reachable status for most all
they play together regardless

of color or background,
delighting in the "more

the merrier" philosophy,
a tiny society fresh

from heavens warmth,

the children all know

what we have al forgot

they are tiny samples

of what we all could be

sharing the simplicity

in vast masses

every year till they too

become adults....

they bring a bit of it's glow to earth,

and reflect its light on us,

if we take the time

to just sit and enjoy

their serenity dancing

near our tired feet.





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