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To An End

Updated on March 2, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Its hard to say Where he's going but I guarantee you its the top! Kind-hearted and Very free-stylistic when it comes to life.- Wicked High

Art 1



Living life with no riches

Blind to the fact of whats given

Sing me something cause the fat lady's singing

Auto tune and Weak scriptures

Black sermons With still pictures

Thinking good is bad, so sad, too bad

You missed your chance

Don't just stare take a glance

Run with horse and lance

Men tripping men

It's just a plan

Take you under Listening to the rain and thunder

It should make you wonder

Go to far

Bars and padded rooms

Wake up, alarmed

Pressed the snooze

just staying high off the booze

Kill it man show we can't lose

Fired the shot he's rehired

losing that fire that birthed that wicked desire

Robin hood with his squire

Tied them down and choked them with a wire

Open eyed feeling wired

To an end cops calling shots fired...

Art 2


Something to listen to.

© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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